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i have system and i want to write matlab code for this system to calculate outage probability vs SNR from relay to destination in defrent fading environment ( rayleigh one channel , nakagami onther channel ) can you please help me for that.
Hi all, in AF protocol the relay multiply the received signal from the source by an amplification factor β=sqrt(P/(N0+P|hsr|?) where P is the transmitted power,hsr is the channel 's vector between source and relay, my question is about how to calculate |hsr|? if we have hsr=randn(1,N)+j*randn(1,N) i other way hsrr is a N complex n
hi i want to simulate a buffer aided relay network with matlab. would any one help me , how can i simulate a (DF- thats my problem) relay network and how buffer work in this network and is there any specific code in matlab for it or what ?! thanks in advance
Hello I do need matlab code for relay selection in cooperative wireless communication. Please, if any one has this code, may he send it to me? Thanks
Hi guys, i'm trying to simulate Multi-hop relay cooperative communication using Quantize-and-Forward to find BER vs SNR. The result isn't correct yet, and i'm really confused right now. I really need your help guys. Here's the matlab code i've made (just try to run it on your matlab): %BER vs SNR for Direct and QF multi-hop (...)
Hi all I have code for single link (source- destination) using QAM simulation to produce BER curve. however I need to add relay node between source and destination and produce BER curve. can anyone help me with this please here is the code (matlab) M = 16; % Size of signal constellation k = log2(M); % Nu
sir Help me to understand the matlab code for beamforming design for MIMO decode-and-forward relay channels
helo guys,, if any one having matlab code for relay placement in cellular networks .. plzz forward .. any related codes regarding relay placement or relay performance or simply relays also enough. plzz forwrd to me.. thnk you guys
The concept of cellular radio is based on the cell, which was decided to be a hexagon(6 sided). This is an approximation to a circular cell. The intuitive cell shape would be a square, but this is extremely hard to do with aerials and would be expensive, if it is possible to do at all. A big transmitter can have a hexagon radiation patter. Many s
Hi, I am working on Energy Efficiency of cooperative communication in Cellular Networks. Anybody send me the matlab codes for: Direct Transmission, Single relay, and Multi-hop Transmission and outage probability. i need to compare them. so Urgent Please.... Thanks in advance.
I am sudiying an article "partial relay selection in underlay cognitiveNetworks with Fixed Gain relays" but i am facing some diffuculties in the simulation and analytic performance curves. if someone have matlab code for this article or any other partial relay selection which can help me please I am in great need of (...)
i kindly require the matlab code for relay selection as i am working with cooperati9ve system. thank you in advance.
Hi, can any one please help me to find the code of decode and forward strategy when using a relay station to transmit a signal from s1 to s2,in order to compare its SNR and BER to no-relay transmission ones please. Purpose is to show that transmission via relay is better than the direct transmission. PLease help..:(
Hi guys, basically I am working on this project for Physical layer security in wireless networks. I was supposed choose a information forwarding relay and a Jamming relay from a number of relays using particular criterias. The paper which I am following can be found here : -
hey everyone, can anyone help me with optimisation? my project is on optimising a relay network and i am thinking of doing it using simulated annealing. i already have the problem formulation, all i need to do is implement it on matlab using simulated annealing. please reply. thanks
Hi, I am doing my MSc on "Physical layer security". One of my main references is a paper entitled "Joint relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way relay Networks". I have a problem regarding this and would be grateful if you advise me. I am doing matlab simulating the secrecy rate in the scenarios that the best relay (...)
Hey everyone, I am implementing a relay network and and my objective is to deploy a minimal number of relays while maximising capaci in the network. I will like to implement this using simulated annealing or genetic algorithms in matlab and I can't seem to find any source codes online. Please could anyone help me out? I will greatly (...)
Hi if I have dual hop cooperative system; S (source), R(relay), and D (Destination). and we have H_sr , H_rd for the fading channels between source-relay and relay-destination respectively. Ps is the Source Power; Pr is the relay Power; N is the total number of bits; G is the AMPLIFICATION FACTOR by the (...)
I'm working to evaluate performance of dual-dual AF relay MIMO network I need matlab code for simulate this problem ( ergodic Capacity) I have attached two papers Anybody can share me matlab code for this problem in these papers?
Hello, everybody! I would be very appreciated if someone can help with matlab codes of AF, DF and CC codes in Cooperative communications. The case is: 1 source, 1 relay and 1 destination. Need to compare BER vs SNR plot of three relay techniques. Thanks a lot.:-D