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helo guys,, if any one having matlab code for relay placement in cellular networks .. plzz forward .. any related codes regarding relay placement or relay performance or simply relays also enough. plzz forwrd to me.. thnk you guys
Hi, I am working on Energy Efficiency of cooperative communication in Cellular networks. Anybody send me the matlab codes for: Direct Transmission, Single relay, and Multi-hop Transmission and outage probability. i need to compare them. so Urgent Please.... Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, basically I am working on this project for Physical layer security in wireless networks. I was supposed choose a information forwarding relay and a Jamming relay from a number of relays using particular criterias. The paper which I am following can be found here : -
Hi, I am doing my MSc on "Physical layer security". One of my main references is a paper entitled "Joint relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way relay networks". I have a problem regarding this and would be grateful if you advise me. I am doing Matlab simulating the secrecy rate in the scenarios that the best relay (...)
Hey everyone, hey everyone, I am deploying a relay node into an already existing congested network. i have the choice of LTE or WiMAX technology but right now, I am deploying it in wimax based on ieee802.16j on Opnet. If you have any documents on how to model this using opnet or qualnet for both lte-advanced and wimax networks, please I would
Hi guys, I wonder if this thread is in the right category But i'm reading the paper "Performance analysis of selection decode-and-forward relay networks" of T.Q. Duong and V.N.Q. Bao. And I don't know what the Summation sign in eq.(4) means , It has too many indices. The authors express those indices as n_{1}, n_{2},....,n_{k} = 1 [/
Hi i am doing project on "Interference alignment with and without relay" and want your help in MATLAB code.... This is reference paper..."A Distributed Numerical Approach to Interference alignment and Applications to wireless Interference networks"... in this paper there is algorithm " Distributed Interference Alignment algorithm".....
Hello everyone out there, I am trying to work on Wimax mesh networks (static) in opnet. help me on this ..... how to develop mesh relay node... Thanks in advance...
I need to implement a snubber circuit at the output of a solid state relay to accomodate for inductive loads n 230Vac. The problem is that I would like to find all in 1 complete snubber network solutions as a single component instead using separate R and C. I would very much appreciate suggestions of manufacturers and series as i have little
hello all please please guys i need help im doing a research on power allocation in relay networks and i have no idea what codes to use in matlab or algorithm to use for the simulation please can someone help me please.thanks
Try also ATM and Frame relay. There is a bunch of Media Access Control layer protocols (Ethernet is one of them)
I would be very very grateful if anyone of you would send me the thesis Mohammad Reza Aref, ""Information flow in relay networks,"" PhD thesis, Stanford Univeristy, 1981. Thanks,
A few years ago they used an star topology based on Frame-relay networks. The circuits were about 128 or 256Kbps. Nowdays the has increased the capacity of transmission needed. Now Telcos have MPLS networks and banks (and other clients) implements a VPN over this MPLS net. In each office you can have xDSL or optic fiber, it depends of (...)
Does any one have resources about voice over frame relay and atm? please help
Hi all can anyone suggest me a site that explain FramRely and ATM networks in brief with all concerning points of knowledge Please find attached some useful but brief information on ATM and Frame relay. Dkk

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