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hi, i am trying to interface nec remote with 8051 so please help me with some algorithm or code.
i have written c code 8051 microcontroller with proper timing delays but.. not displaying proper results here is the code: in this code i am decoding only command code(i.e 6 bits in rc5 protocol) as per the image: #include
i want to interface tv remote control with 89s52. I have receiver is tsop1838 and the remote is china kit remote which works on 200 models of tv. i have success in detecting pulses but counting and changes with respect to numbers. Please help me about it or if any idea or program in c code.
Hi Im Trying To Build An NEC Decoder. I Connected A TSOP1738 To Interrupt 0 Pin (P3.2) Of 8051. To Make The Port as An Input I Made it High TSOP1738 Too Is In High Normally And Goes Low When It Receives IR Pulse. Any How The P3.2 Remains Always High. How Can I Detect Incoming Of Pulse. Bit Confusing To Me Can Anybody Help. (Hope Am Clear A
Hi good evening everybody... I have circuit and i want to change some connection in this circuit....... My recomedation is as follows When the Dispaly is 0, only the LED 1 ON When the Dispaly is 1, the LED 1 and 2 ON When the Dispaly is 2, the LED 1,2 and 3 ON When the Dispaly is 3, the LED 1,2,3 and 4 ON When the Dispaly is 4, the LED 1
this is url with complete project if you need any help. free to ask :)
Check this link to interface relay to any controller using this you can interface a 5v relay to your selected controller. for remote interfacing you can use a remote with
Dear All Expert, I need a ultra low power microcontroller to be used in a alkaline AAA 3V battery operated wireless remote controller. I need it to shut down at all time until a certain pushbutton is pressed. I also need it to had a inbuild wireless transmitter that is Zigbee compliance, as I need to send AT
hello friends. im trying to make a ir remote controle for some operations. i just want to enable and disable port pins while pressing the button in remote. im using rc5 protocol. it is transmitting 14 bits. i dont know how to decode that in 8051. pls help me out with this. should i have to give the received bits in timer interupt or in (...)
actually i want to control a stepper motor with infrared remote. im using HT6221 Multi-Purpose Encoders IC... from this IC for each button press its transmitting 7 bit of binary values through infrared. my doubt is in receiver section that means in microcontroller where i have to connect the receiver IR and how to program it?? can i connect that IR
Hi! I'm making a project with microcontroller 8051 connecting to ISD4002 chipcorder. the project including remote control using NEC protocol, ISD4002 chip with speaker and microphone, all connected and manage by the 8051. (nxp p89v51rd2). my problem is that when i'm sending the spi code to the 4002 of recording or playing it's generate (...)
hi, i am developing remote control of "COMTECH CDM550 SATELLITE MODEM". this modem is controlled by RS232 communication. now i am using 8051 mocrocontroller for controllling that hardware. but the problem is that i have developed code for sending command via serial communication. when i connect my remote control to hyper terminal of my (...)
I'm working on a project about remote controlled house (home automation). This is for my capstone project which I'm working on.:smile: I want to send SMS messages from my mobile phone to a Telit GM862 GSM device and those messages need to pass throw UART to a 8051 microcontroller (Atmel AT89S8253). The microcontroller needs to understand them as
you can use RC5/NEC format for remote /* NEC REMOT CANTROL INTERFACE WITH 8051 MCU ADD. AND CMD. DISPLAY ON HYPERTERMINAL*/ /*PROGRAM BY ARUN KUMAR SHARMA JHUNJHUNU RAJASTHAN INDIA */ /*PHONE +919829147145*/ #include //#include #define T 516//560us 11.0592MHz #define _9MS 8295//9000ms 11.0592MHz #define _4MS 4198
Check out the link below Telephone controlled remote switch (AT89S52) Look at the connections, you need one more connection to microcontroller
Check this website it is very useful for your Project.
Use GSM Module (GSM 850/900 1800/1900) with AT command set and RS232 interface on CMOS level. This GSM wireless data module is the ready a solution for remote wireless applications, machine to machine or user to machine and remote data
I need to interface my chip 8051 with a NEC IR remote control. In wed AN #157 - Implementation of IR NEC protocol - MCS Electronics , I found a program "AN #157" NEC IR Decode program in BASCOM-AVR, I need a BASCOM 8051 program. Who can help me ?
Complete project You can find here: Downloads / 8051 Projects / Control your PC with TV remote : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes dear sir, i need c code for this project.
I have designed and written some code to display the recievers output on lcd but not getting the required output can anyone help me #include sbit rs = P1^1; sbit en = P1^2; sbit inter= P3^5; void time_delay(void); void convertanddisplay(unsigned char value); void lcd_init(void); void lcd_string(unsigned char *str); void lcd