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Hey guys I need to make a remote controlled circuit that can dim a 12v dc LED string from about 50mt away.I want to install the dimmer circuit and LED's on the same enclosure.the dimmer circuit I'm using uses a potentiometer so I just need something to operate the potentiometer from a distant.if any of you are wondering (...)
The project of this dimmer was presented on . It is a small dimmer, based on microcontroller pic12f629 or pic12F675. The dimmer fits a standard can and requir
here you have one with pic mcu Added after 1 minutes: and here one with an avr mcu I just goggled "avr lamp dimmer"... should be easy to do so ?
remote control is commonplace these days, with telephone answering machines, garage doors and central locking systems for cars responding to infrared remote controls small enough to fit in your pocket. Although infrared remote control transmitters and receivers have been the (...)
hi to all i am facing a very difficult problem.... i have make a project of "remote Light control With dimmer" uisng 89c2051 published on elektor july/ august 2003 i project is working fine but the problems are 1)after storing the desired infrared code...the kits working fine but when i turned it off and on again it doesn't start by (...)
i wanna build an infra red toggle switch to use it with my bedroom lights (220 v) , is that possible ? , if so will i have to build the remote control myself or just use a commercial one , in that case how can i configure the circuit to suit that remote ? let me know if someone have an idea or some links , thanks .
hi Nice design with support of four different types of code with lot of nice features code for programing pic and all detial added here is the main options * remote control operation * Uses commercial pre-programmed remote control * On and off control with soft start for long lamp life * Fast (...)
Hi Here is the design remote control based light dimmer work with RC5 based remote But i have also a design based on 16f628 which can adjust it self automatically on any remote in other it can program according to your remote any way uploaded file is based on 89c2051