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Hello all, I have received an Edimax 8-port switch from my sister that most certainly fed it 12v on its the 5v input... (I cannot guarantee that, but based on the damage I suppose that happened.. or maybe the PSU failed - I got no PSU). The problem is quite straight-forward, there is a smd in a very strange package which is burnt. I took a pi
Ok, I have a fan that stopped working, and overheated PSU with a fuse that exploded. When I opened it up I found a cracked F13NK50Z transistor on what seems to be primary side, and managed to take it off somehow. Now since I'm not an electronic guy, can somebody guide me though this please. I found a datasheet:
This book is not a free version. You can place order here: CRT Television repair course: CRT Television repair course- Ebook by Humphrey
please does anyone where one can learn laptop chip level repairs online or video based
Hi there. It would be nice if somebody helped me find electric diagram for this driver. I have Wurlitzer cigarettes vending machine and my driver has broken down. Of course i'd like to repair it so i need this scheme. I have to add that it's a little bit old driver but still use by Wurlitzer. I hope someone can help me. Best regards bakchos
yo dude, i've tried to repair some of industrial motor driver with various power capacity. and it just using a bridge circuit to rectify it. of course you need 6 diode to make it possible (for R, S, and T line)
Trouble with your Laser Printer?? Look here
hi servicemann is this the only repair course do u have? why u call it course 6? is there another parts from 1 to 5? can u upload more please thanks in advance Kind Regards
Hello, I don't think that there are "general purpose" training manuals available at all because the mainboards are very specific. If you have a certain problem with a certain mainboard you may ask here. Mainboards are low-cost products today so no one repairs them because it is too expensive. If the mainboard fails, and it is neither a blown cap
If anybody have Monitor repair course like course from or something like this please send me, Thanks and Best Regards