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Hello! I tried to repair a broken circuit board of TV IR sensor. I need a circuit schematic of pcb IR 17LD57-1 240706.(TV Vestel,mainboard 17MB24-1 160606) Please help.Thanks in advance.
What are your recommendations to repair these gold contacts on the bent pcb? The card was intentionally bent with pliers. It's just that the gold contacts are bent so the card won't fit into the slot and the the pins can't read the contacts. I would like to keep as much of the original board as possible thanks for suggestions. See card h
Here have some measures, please check whether are right? If have better measures, please advise. 1. Exposed copper: There is no timely processing out of oil area; 2. Not balanced IC Sn surface: Don?t carefully checked IC area after Hot Air Leveling; 3. repair: Worker single-handedly take-off and release board to make boards overlap each other
Do you have trouble placing some fine pitch or difficult components? Do you need help assembling your recent pcb project? Have you run into a component that you cannot install yourself? ProTronics Inc is a quick turn pcb assembly company that has been in business 23+ years. We specialize in pcb assembly, (...)
Hello wonderful electronic folks, I'm a achoolteacher who was recently gifted a Realistic Color Organ. It's a really cool thing but alas & alack, it lights up but doesn't respond to sound at all (the lights are supposed to change with the music). I saw this years-old thread & thought someone might be able to help a desperate schoolteacher! Th
Hi Gurus, I have a problem and I need help. I have a touch cell phone and LCD is not working. Some times LCD show display but most of the time it display nothing but even with no display, the touch is working. For example, I can pick the call by swiping the blank screen. I have checked the connection of LCD flex pcb to the main board LCD c
Hello everybody, At first, I'm just a recent graduate of telecommunications and electronics engineering and have little real life experience, especially with RF equipment... I have a Rohde&Schwarz FSEA30 spectrum analyser, that was failing self-test by stating an RF-converter fault. Since the part would cost as much
Hello, I am trying to repair a Philips power board, it has some problems with its LED indicator, but it is not the point of this post. When I open the shield, I find a little pcb with some discrete components on it. I guess its usage is to inspect the polarity of socket voltage and indicate the condition of lightening-proof. The picture follo
The heating element appears to be open circuit, is it time to repair? Too much voltage applied? Remember 2x Vac results in 4x power.
Hi guys... I'm a freelance Electronic Design Job :Analog or Digital,pcb design,kit,repair,etc be guaranteed,low cost... For interested PM me thx
This codes depends from manufacturer. Non standard codes. :-( All manufacturer use own codes. Try to find smd marking codes or refer the repair manual.
What are the things to be noted for a repair technician in replacing a mosfet from a pcb ?
Our service items: 1: Circuit design and modification 2: pcb proofing and production 3: Procurement of electronic components 4: pcbA model of welding and batch welding. 5: BGA welding, ball, repair Detailed information can enter our website,If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are the first time to give a (...)
Here is another series by PACE on rework and repair of electronic pcb's. Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 [URL=
Hi. For repair quite well to have an oscilloscope. I usually connect faulty block to fault-free, giving 12, 5, 3,3V voltages (as well as feeding on PWM controller) and see form and value of signal (and its passing to key transistors) on entry and output of PWM controller as well as in voltage control chip. This if half-bridge topology is used. If
Hello thermocoffee, yes, the card is fried. Before you try to repair it, try to get support from the manufacturer of this card. Maybe he will change it by warranty or repair it. It's not easy to repair it yourself, if you have no experience to do it. I think it's a multilayer card. You don't know the reason, why it is burn out. The (...)
In file menu there will be repair database. Try repairing your database and check whether you could able to generate report.
Hi all, I would like to repair jungheinrich efg430 forklift interface controller but there is tms320lf2407a in the card(on the pcb) I want to copy to my pc and reprogramming to another(new) tms320lf2407a. How can I copy the program in tms320lf2407a
If applying pressure changes the problem it is almost certainly either a cracked solder joint or a fracture in the pcb. What you have to do is open it up, find the fracture and repair it. If it's a solder joint, just reheat it until the solder flows again, if the board is cracked (look around screw mounting holes where the board is weakest) you ne
i recently acquired an intermittently working LEADER LDC 824 frequency counter in a deal that is hard to resist (reads from 10hz to 520mhz) sometimes it works (reads frequency) after 20mins warmup, sometimes after an hour other times it wouldn't work even after 2hours warmup time. Also at times it works even when the set is cold then suddenly st