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Hello everyone. recently got a used HP 300w ATX pc power supply for cheap and the main reason to buy it was to use as power supply to power car electronics,lights at home. So when i got it the power supply was very dirty so i opened up and cleaned inside. Then i plugged it in a 220v outlet(double checked that the Power supply switch was set to 230v
Hello. i have a HP ATX 300w power supply that i need to repair. i got it used and when i plugged it in 230v outlet(i made sure that voltage selector switch was set to 230v) i powered it on and shorted the green and black pins. immediately i saw sparks and smoke. i turned off it then open it inside. Found 2 burnt and broken varistors(TVR 10241) but
I am not a pro at electronics but I like to attempt fixing anything I can. I got this TV to check from a friend at first there was no power, I pulled it and checked the power supply board had 7 visible bad capacitors on it, so I got the replacements and changed them and also changed 2 others that was close by, upon testing the other components l
Hi, i have small portable Humidifier which was working fine. one day i cleaned it and before drying i connected to mains by mistake. a big spark came out. so i opened its pcb where i saw blown fuse. after repairing the fuse i connected it after drying.but again the fuse was blown with big spark. there are two PCB'S in the humidier. (please se
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Dear all experts friends, Thanks for your valuable help to others in so many problems, I have problem with crt tv That is getting ON after sometime that will OFF, If we knock the Tv then it'll getting ON. somebody can help me in this case, please ...... and a horizontal line is moving up to down and down to up while the TV is ON......
It's a PCB module, no hybrid (thick film/thin film circuit). Having 10 or 12 defective devices, I would start to think about repairing it or designing a replacement module.
Hi! My power drill battery pack suddenly woulden hold charge. I opened it and one of two of the cells are dead. One of them gets quite hot. I want to switch them with new ones. They are 2600mah. Not so common. 2500mah and 2700mah are easier to find. What will happen if I use them instead?
Hi All When I turned on my vacuum tube tv last night, one white thin light came across the screen. When I unplugged the tv plugged it back on and turned it on by the on button, the screen didn't turn on and the tv on button light just kept flicking. What could be possible wrong with my tv. Best regards James
Hi everyone, Currently, I am repairing a Power Supply 24V 20A of Siement, I have a problem with 2 power BJT and a Mosfet. The BJT is BU508 and Mosfet is BUK543-50B. The Mosfet is switching on for the BJTs, and the BJTs is switching on for tranformer. They are broken, I have replaced the Mosfet is IRFZ44 (I can't buy a BUK543-50B at my local) and
better you go for new one , repairing smps is not so easy. and here is the schematic for smps
Thanks for the reply but it doesn't help me very much in repairing the damaged board. Any more help with this FEMA Innvermig 2200 pulse synergic welder?
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I have a defective destop motherboard ( Asus P5GD2-TVM/S ). It has a power problem. When i connect the motherboard with SMPS 24 ATX PIN and 12 v ATX PIN. The motherboard gets shut down. But when i connect the motherboard with 24 ATX PIN only and disconnecting the 12 v ATX PIN the motherboard runs. The next step i do is i removed the P4 processor
When I power this device using first 3 pins ( Vss=GND, Vdd=+5V, Vo=GND) I do not have "bars" (restangles 5x8 in line.. ... in one or more lines). On another hand, all other character LCDs I have here has regular bars when "powered" this way. Another problem when I put this LCD in circuit - it has nothing at start, then it starts up with "bars" b
Dear all, I am in great difficult with swatter bat I purchased a new bat checked all the voltage in Transformer 3 winding, we found 725 volt ac in sec side where winding resistance was showing 245 ohms, primary winding terminal voltage was 16.5 V winding resistance was 1-ohm and 1.19 v at 0.3 ohms. All my defective bat showing same resistance at
Hello Members, I want to learn repairing of Textile Industrial Electronic cards. I am willing to repair Textile Electronic cards on my own but i dont have resources like dedicated Textile repairing institute at my place. I have learnt basics about electronics components & its testing through YouTube video lecturers but i am still confused which se
With the development of high end smartphones over recent years, the mobile phone technology has made huge improvement. However such progress has also come with some drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is the cost of mobile phone repairs. Thanks to the introduction of touch screen technology, the cost of replacing a scratched or broken screen is now mor
i have need homage matrix 1000v or other version schematic diagram for further repairing my ups plz give me plz thanks
Dear all, I get hold on a 30 V 3A dual bench power supply Selectronic SL-1731SB, which seems to be the same as the Velleman PS23023, and may some other ones. Both canals are OK, but when I coupled them in series, the coupling is totally wrong example Tracking not activated : A : 5.4 V B: 10.3 V Tracking activated : A :25 V B : 10.