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hi, i need to know about ethernet repeater. how to design the ethernet repeater circuit? what are they components required for that?
1. what is debouncing circuit in I2C? wht care should be taken for that? 2. What is the maximum distance of the I2C bus? 3. I'd like to extend the I2C bus. Is there something like a repeater for I2C? 4. Do I need to generate an ACK in read mode on the last byte? My chip starts sending data and occupies the bus... 5. Why does the SCL line have
Hiiii,,,everybody... Please, I need the footprint/library of PF08109B for GSM repeater. I'm using Altium designer to design the PCB. Is there anyone who can be of help to me, I will be very grateful if there is any helper out there. Thanks
2- how i can design this circuit for distance longer than 1km ? (for example 20km) You can use another max485 as a repeater in between. It will amplify the signal after 1km. :) guide : 1-i don't use another system, because this system is cheap for me 2-because the rs485 used to maximum 1.2km distance help to me to amplify signal for longer distanc
Hi experts, I am trying to design a dual band digital GSM repeater operating at 900 & 1800 MHz bands. It should have options of choosing at-least 3 sub-bands each totaling 25 MHz for GSM 900 & 60 MHz for GSM 1800 MHz band. It would comprise of mixers, LOs, Filters, ADC/DAC, DDC/DUC which will facilitate flexible sub-band selectivity. C
Hi, I am designing an RF repeater at 5.8 GHz for point to point link. Can anybody tell me about how to select the transmit and receive frequency of the RF repeater? should they be same or different? How to mitigate multipath effects and fading? Do anybody has any circuit diagram for that? what kind of configurations generally base station (...)
who can help me to design a unmanaged 4 port hub /repeater. I saw some solutions with intel lxt914 but is obsolete. Who can help me with a reference design?
Hi, U question is to general! u rest a lot of parameters when u say weak signal how much do u mean In general (i will put some parameters of my system) : u will receive from BS to repeater between -60dBm -90dBm. Your PA suppose to be about 30dBm (again all numbers depend on distance and of course mobile channel parameters like do u
I am now making a design of SMART repeater which depends upon the incoming bit patteren on adjascent wires and gives solution to power dissipation and will save 20-25% power with about 20% jitter reduction over a traditional repeater in DSM range. it will also handle the intricacies developed due to parasitic effects, changes in wire (...)
Hi Rhea, What dya want? The Tower truss design? Antenna? or The layout design for the Tranceiver/repeater House?
I will graduate this july, I find a job as a RF design Engineer, my job is to do Base Station RF transceiver R&D. I have two years experience on LNA and PA design and some knowledge on repeater. But I am not very family with BS RF transceiver design.For example: What's the difficulty and what's the key? Can anyone give me (...)
HI All, Please send me INFO(architecture,spec..) or links for GSM Pico repeaters design. Output powers up to 1-200mW advance thank you very much XTASA
I think he is looking for a transmitter not a receiver. I doubt would be a repeater. Here is the problem! In what country you are in, or better where this circuit booster will ever be applicable? I do not know for all the countries but for USA/Canada and almost all of countries of Europe and some in Asia & Latin America have rules/regulation
dear sir: i want to know sometning about the PHS,any one can provide some material about the phs,my goal is to design the PHS repeater! thanks
who can give me about the LNA design material,in the WCDMA repeater design,i need it
HI I need GSM repeater schematic and any details for designing it. can you guide me?
Hi all, What do you use for your work on Linux based? 1. For Schematic + PCB. 2. For PLD, CPLD, FPGA design. 3. For C based Programing. 4. For File Server. 5. For Networking (router, repeater, etc) 6. For Web server. 7. For Database Server. 8. For Graphical design. 9. For CAD (Mechanical Application). 10. For Office Application. (...)
I want a simple/accurate design/circuit to measure the signal strength recieved from a repeater at a given point(about 1Km from site).
hi! I`m looking for a design about this, an IR repeater by AC line, Can anybody help me? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks