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i have taken over a project on RF repeater for mobile communication, which shall be useful in ares with less network coverage. the chain is RF signal -> Duplexer -> SAW filter -> LNA -> PA I need RF IC's for all the above. Can any one suggest which IC's shall suit the above approach?
Hi everyone, i have problems about my cell phone signal quality in my home. i thinked that i can use cell phone signal booster or a basic signal repeater. As you know it is hard to work with RF signal level. I want to amplify only 900 Mhz signal level. Do you have any suggestions about antenna or circuit diagram. Which transistor amplifier to
SPF5043 as LNA and pre-driver amplifiers... You can find a lot of SAW filters: Tai saw for example is greate. You will need duplexers obviously.. if it's analog how you produce LO for mixers? (you need them for down\up con
hi, i want to use EPCOS B7710 SAW filter in low power gsm repeater. B7710 has unbalanced input and balanced out put with 50 ohm impedance. How can i use output port in unbalanced manner with out using any transformer/balun.
Hi Leprof, Attached please find some of andrew's. Hadi
You don't need a repeater to test a Chinese gsm phone in States, because you are not going to re-translate the signal from China to US. You need a Radio Communication Tester: R&S?CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester (Rohde & Schwarz International - Products - Test & Measurement - Wire
Hiiii,,,everybody... Please, I need the footprint/library of PF08109B for gsm repeater. I'm using Altium Designer to design the PCB. Is there anyone who can be of help to me, I will be very grateful if there is any helper out there. Thanks
Hi!!!! First repeaters we are installed where there is no BTS signalling or in other words it is the extension of any BTS sector so repeater is also itself a micro u are talking abt channel repeaters(it just pick the signal frm the BTS via Pannel Antenna,amplifies it and then transmit it to any building via micro Antenna).and af
Hello everyone i am from the computer trade and need some help with running broadand at my place. Well i need to construct a device which recieves a particular signal and then beams it(i think its called a repeater) for gsm signals. Actually I dont recieve the signal of the wireless broadband at my i took the dish that comes with DTH
While ago because cost due to low volume of repeaters and basestations was not very important, Heterodyne was preferred instead Homodyne because performances were better. But the new RFIC technologies allow now Homodyne to reach almost the same performances as Heterodyne, with much less cost.
Hi experts, I am trying to design a dual band digital gsm repeater operating at 900 & 1800 MHz bands. It should have options of choosing at-least 3 sub-bands each totaling 25 MHz for gsm 900 & 60 MHz for gsm 1800 MHz band. It would comprise of mixers, LOs, Filters, ADC/DAC, DDC/DUC which will facilitate flexible (...)
Hi Everyone If anyone can help me . I've install a repeater for a gsm network and just confused how to configure its frequency with OMT 1.2 software to the donor BTS... The repeater is REMOTEK gsm/DCS SINGLE BAND repeater. Thanks in advance.
i have a problem with echo canceller for gsm repeater single fréquency SNF, anyone can propose me a solution to cancel the echo.
Hi, U question is to general! u rest a lot of parameters when u say weak signal how much do u mean In general (i will put some parameters of my system) : u will receive from BS to repeater between -60dBm ÷ -90dBm. Your PA suppose to be about 30dBm (again all numbers depend on distance and of course mobile channel parameters like do u
Hi,everybody! I've got trouble with understanding repeater. Have you ever thought about the scene that the UE signal level at the repeater's antenna port is static sensitivity level, such as -104dBm with -121dbm noise level for gsm. After the amplification of the repeater, the signal level is improved but the s/n is (...)
I need help in choosing a simulation package(software) to simulate a gsm phone repeater operating on 1900 MHz or 850 MHz which are the 2 main frequency band used in Canada. Does anybody knows how to do this or anybody have done this simulation and I need help to first simulate this and then of course impelment the unit. However, at this stage I
I am trying to build a gsm phone repeater that will work under 850MHz or 1900MHz frequency band which are main band in canada. I am looking for a very small and a basic repeater (not those big and huge and complicated ones) that will give me some gain even if a gain of less than 1Watt. Could you please tell me where can I find a place (...)
HI All, Please send me INFO(architecture,spec..) or links for gsm Pico repeaters design. Output powers up to 1-200mW advance thank you very much XTASA
HI I need gsm repeater schematic and any details for designing it. can you guide me?