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Hi there, If anyone have codes for a repeater using kalman filter written in MATLAB, could you provide me? Many thanks in advance.
Is it possible to use a mobile cell as antenna repeater? is there any app to use old phone as antenna repeater? Thanks
Welcome to Nanyu.Fangda Technology company. We have wireless devices that you may be finding. Indoor: pc wifi dongle, home used router, repeater, hotel or public places wifi devices. Outdoor: outdoor high power access point, high power wireless CPE/ bridge/ repeater. Outdoor Wlan antenna, 3G/4G antenna. Signal booster antenna. Also, OEM/ODM are
I have a simple repeater controller using a simple timer ic which is the LM 555..du7dlz
i have taken over a project on RF repeater for mobile communication, which shall be useful in ares with less network coverage. the chain is RF signal -> Duplexer -> SAW filter -> LNA -> PA I need RF IC's for all the above. Can any one suggest which IC's shall suit the above approach?
Hi everyone, i have problems about my cell phone signal quality in my home. i thinked that i can use cell phone signal booster or a basic signal repeater. As you know it is hard to work with RF signal level. I want to amplify only 900 Mhz signal level. Do you have any suggestions about antenna or circuit diagram. Which transistor amplifier to
I want a switch timer, that will switch on for 0min to 1hour and off for 0min to 1hour. i recently found and bought it, but the programming part is what i couldn't understand. i have already bought it but i can't program it, so i'm looking for any other same switch wit easy programming. thanks
So I bought a small rc car with a small antenna, and its range, in which it operates, is to small (aprox. 3-4 meters). At first I thought I should extend the antenna of the car however the car couldn't support a larger antenna. Then I thought that I could make some kind of a signal repeater using one more pair transmitter-receiver. So I bought
Hi, I had a setup violation on many paths so i added a clock buffer in the clock path to a ICG that was going to all those cells after checking that it was not affecting the setup for the next flops and hold also. i did an add_repeater but now when i am reporting i am getting an unconstrained path. Why?
hello there, i am designing a GSM repeater in 900 MHz and I really need help and some tips to select required RF ICs for BPF, Mixer , LNA , etc. could you please help me ? i want some detailed information for block diagram of this system at least. i have studied some sources but i need more practical advice please. i am not sure about down l
You can transmit analog A/V in 5.8GHz ISM band (5725MHz-5875MHz) following the ISM regulations.
To get a 220 MHz notch with 1.5% bandwidth you need a Q factor of the resonator greater than about 2500, which is almost impossible to be done with standard coax cables. You need a cavity notch, or a Heliax Notcher circuit as is described below:
hi i need to a cirque for repeater rs485:-( i want help of you
Hello every body, I want to use cat5 for sharing dsl connection at a distance of more then 400 feet and don't want to use repeater in mid of cable. I have idea that if I use each pair of cat5 as an separate line it will reduce resistance to half, will it be usefull or will make problem due to self induction though there is no AC but signal is plus
What you are trying to do is a Passive repeater. Generally in WiFi passive repeaters are used Patch Antennas or Helical. Quad antennas (or loop antennas) are not the best option for high frequencies. They are fine for frequencies below 50MHz. Search the net and you can find a lot of ideas related to this topic:
Does anyone knows why isolation is needed when using one set of antennas (high gain donor and omni indoor), each other connected by a coax cable acting as passive repeater ? Thanks
As said, I2C is bidirectional. If the slaves don't utilize clock stretching (hold the clock line low to cause the master to wait), SCL can be unidirectional, but SDA never can. There are special I2C repeater devices prepared for optocoupler interface and complete I2C isolators like ADuM1250. If you operate the I2C interface in a bit-banging styl
Hi guys Anyone tried the ConnectBlue Bluetooth Module (OBS433) ? .. It works as a Bluetooth repeater to extend the Bluetooth range in a scatternet fashion. If anyone has used it before, please let me know about your experience. Regards
hi, i need to know about ethernet repeater. how to design the ethernet repeater circuit? what are they components required for that?
i have a problem of mobile signal/network...any way to overcome this problem...i have hear about signal repeater device..what is it..n how can i make it....pls help me