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The language you should use is the one you are already comfortable with. research shows that language difference is functionally irrelevant in none vertical market applications except in the development time, security, efficiency and bug areas. Issues arise when you change technologies -the change being the cause of problems. Use something "new"
What is the future scope for cognitive radio technology? Is it practically applicable? whether it is good for doing research in cognitive radio? If so what are the research areas under consideration?
Dear all, I'm doing research in scratchpad memory for embedded based processors, i have identified ARM11 has scratchpad memory option, but i couldn't find software tools to simulate (ARM RealView Simulators) and also hardware tools, pls let me know, if u worked those areas.
Can anyone tell the important research areas. I am doing M.Tech in VLSI. I need to know the research areas in VLSI.
Hi all can any body tell about hot research areas in RF and microwave which can be done regards dhruva
hello any of you please give me the current research in the domain of implementation of finite state machine application
Can any one suggest me that what are the research areas in image processing in which further research can be done. I have classified area into following Medical Image Analysis Image Processing with FPGA give me some more details of research field in both the areas. Thanks In this app you can open several binary files in multiple tabs, compare them, mark interesting areas with different colors. With inspector tool you can see various data representations and find data areas that protected by checksum. For now only raw binary data supported, work for intel
ChinaChipMonthly (CCM) report is dedicated to international IC/VLSI/chip communities who want to have a first hand research and analysis about the Chinese chip industry and market on timely basis. This report is the only one of that kind available to foreign chip businesses, and covers key development areas such as (fundamental) research and (...)
I search after information about who the car can communicate with others cars and protocols for this? I know that these subjects are new so they are several start ups and labs in the universities that research these areas and I will glad to know about them. I will glad if you can help me to find information about these. I find several thi
Hi everyone, I am wondering what a PhD student can do research in underwater acoustic (UWA) communications at physical layer level? Are there still interesting open problems? Thanks
For the ground DONT. 4 grounds! Why? I would reccomend you do some serious research around the web, most people reccomend that you dont split the grounds, but seperate your analogue and digital into to seperate areas to avoid the signals interfering, so you end up with a analogue area and a digital area, but one contigous ground. www.hottconsulta
Hi all, I have to make a research and write a paper on security in embedded systems. please suggest me few areas that could be studied in security in embedded systems. i have time of 3 months. im from electronics and communication background, doing ME in embedded systems. Thanks in advance
hello everyone, i am a Mtech student in VLSI design.i am about to start my term paper & project work.can u suggest me some good projects or research ideas that will be preferred in industry (later if i Join any) and also help me for further research . my interest areas are: 1.MEMRISTOR 2.SYSTEM ON CHIP 3.EMBEDDED SYSTEM 4.RFID (...)
Which research areas are still considered open On Physical Layer of Wireless Body Area Network,
Article One Partners (AOP), the world?s largest online patent and technical literature research community, is looking for Technical Literature researchers various prior art research studies in Mobile Communication, Audio Technology, as well as other technical areas. Using market knowledge, web searching, technical (...)
what are the latest research areas in secure communication? i.e spread spectrum,OFDM
Hi, I would like to know what are the current research areas which are going on in the field of Microelectronics. I'm more specific into 1) Low power/ crosstalk minimisation - Bus encoding Techniques 2) Process variations or Yield Estimations Can you help me
Dear all, Anybody doing research in MEMS in India.plz let me know.I want to work in MEMS in India if facilities available here.Also what type of work can be done in this new field of research.I wanna know. regards
I m new to MIMO- OFDM, but i want to do thesis on MIMO-OFDM, so i need suggestion how i can i start and what are the areas in which i could find possibilities for research in MIMO-OFDM.