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I simulated the UHF antenna in HFSS, expected resonant freq. is 915MHz. The results shows very promising (S11~-35dB). But when I make a pcb, the figure below, the result is implemented by using Network Analyzer, the resonant freq. shifted from 915MHz to ~1.9GHz. In the simulation file, I chosed FR4 as a material, is it right?. Does (...)
Microstrip resonators (line, ring, patch, etc.) are very often used for determination of the dielectric constant. This approach is based on the difference of the estimated and the measured resonant frequency. frequency dependent value for dielectric constant can be calculated at each resonant frequency. Ring (...)
Is just about basics of capacitor Self resonant frequency. Your ground planes form a capacitor which resonate at particular SRF. As was stated, use multiple vias between grounds and the problem will disappear.
There are DC buzzers with built in circuit used mostly on pcb for alarm sound. There are some good piezo speakers in cell phones that have nice out put. And work great at 2 KHz resonant frequency. Nice and loud. you can find a three terminalunit like used in cheap old telephones, it is
I am making a pcb antenna which has a resonant frequency at 13.56 mhz and which will be etched onto a FR4 substrate These 13MHz "antennas" on pcb are more or less inductors, with inductive near field coupling. They are designed/calculated like other printed regular inductors, and the dielectric constant of the (...)
An LC resonator should contain an inductance L and a capacitance C. Check if your IF cans have inside also the capacitor, which sometimes can be placed externally, on the pcb. The best would be to have an LC meter to measure separate the inductance and the capacitance, and calculate the resonant frequency.
Er for pcb is typically done with a resonator, such as a microstrip ring resonator. It's easy to measure resonant frequency.
Try to put a cap. ( with appropriate resonant frequency ) at the end of the stub.
hi guys I'm dealing with a project to design an ultra-small microstrip bandpass filter in which the filter is preferably square-shaped with dimensions 27-30mm?.The pcb substrate is Duroid (er=2.5) and I'm using ADS( Agilent Advanced Design System) as simulation tool.The filter is designed for Ku band frequency range in which resonant (...)
I have a similar problem, as in The question is: how correctly to define port on single-layered pcb for dipole antyenna model in free space without ground plane using ansoft designer It seems to me, the input impedance of antenna 0.257 x 50 = 12.85 Ohm on resonant frequency 6.8 Ghz is too small
The second two pF are probably a typing error for nF. This would make the second two more in line with common practice. Capacitors have series resonant frequencies with their lead inductances. Above this frequency they do not bypass well. By having several values in parallel they cover a wider frequency range.
Get ATC capacitor, the S-parameter is provided. You can simulate and check out the Series and parallel resonant frequency...
Hi, anyone has done and tuning and matching of Bluetooth ceramic chip antenna (such as ACX or Murate parts) on FR4 pcb. I am currently designing Bluetooth Headset and Compactflash cards, and did lots of antenna matching. I always do a single port calibration ( open short match), before measurement of the antenna resonant frequency and (...)