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Since you mention it, for several days I too have seen a continual loading icon with the message: 'retrieving RSS feed(s)'. Nothing more appears. This may be an area where system programmers are revising the interface. Your post is visible to administrators who may have more information to provide.
hi guys. when i install hfss, everything goes well but undefined symbol: _XGetRequest problem. its like: Running first-time configuration... - Verifying all software dependencies are available: Done - retrieving user settings... Done - Applying user settings... Done - Configuring OCX files... Done - retrieving machin
I am currently several patch antenna simulations and for one particular design (patch ring antenna using two different substrates), the simulation hangs up with the following last message seen after hanging: Sweep1: Solving adaptive pass #5 solving matrix part 1 of 2 retrieving data file 6_1.tvm Can someone help me on what could be th
does your msg sending part is working?did you get success in sending sms with the code? a is used for sending the null char probably used for the start and stop recognition for the mobile number while retrieving the msg from gsm.
urgent help is needed please i am facing the problem that in my software (in assembly language). i am using timer interrupt in 16f72. there is some calculation which is done by w reg. during calculation, when timer interrupt occurs, the value of w reg is disturbed. when w reg goes to work for interrupt, then comes back after ISR, value has be
Please let me know that I programmed Arduino code for save and restore of float values in EEPROM, Arduino EEPROM library attached but problem is that when I write value first time then value is successfully restore but when second time update the value then restore take some for retrieving value?
Hi, I would like to retrieve pulses out of the mains plug, using only passive components and diodes (no active devices). A reverse sawtooth, or alternatively a capacitor discharge pulse curve is desired, not square pulses. If capacitor discharge is used, the sharper the charge dime and the longer the discharge time the better. Could you propos
I have entered the password 1234. But it doesn't display "correct password" on LCD. Why is it? Perhaps, because you are retrieving and storing the password in an array and then comparing the array name, pointer constant value, to numerical value 1234. The following are equivalent: int8 * ptr; ptr
Hi guys I have a MSP430f2012. I will be using it to collect and store an analog signal. Here's the basic operation. Read analog signal Do ADC conversion Store ADC somewhere in memory Repeat and overwrite for long period of time After say couple days I want to access that memory address and read the value us
Data locality is the phenomena by which some data which is predicted to be used frequently is stored locally rather than retrieving it from memory ( cache may be an example). Check This
I am working with two stereo cameras. And my problem is now storing data within frame buffer to make some calculations on itself. My project is about retrieving image to frame buffer by one of Digilent project named DSD-0000326 (HDMI Demonstration project). I could programme FPGA (creat microblaze in FPGA) but At software section "pushbtoonhandle
Hello can you help me to think how I can retrieve a float number in when I change the below arrays into float?I am retrieving the index using to enter an integer number but when I use to change the arrays to float type and enter a float number I am getting errors: see the code below: main() { // float k={2, 4, 6, 8, 10,12,14,16,18,20};
How can one obtain the imaginary values of any parameter (say current) in ELDO spice? Thanks in advance ...
hi all.... i am interfacing an lcd with fpga. i want to convert the character to ascii so that i can display it using an lcd. i am storing the characters to be displayed in a string and using for loop i am retrieving it one by one. but i need to convert it to ascii. i am using vhdl. is there any inbuild function to do the same, if not can anyone h
Several Frequency Counter designs use some variation of this method to 'gate' off the the input to the RTCC (T0CKI) pin and then 'pump' the RTCC (T0CKI) pin to retrieve the counts in the 256:1 prescaler. Another method for retrieving the 8-bit prescaler value doesn't require any additional PIC pins other than the T0CKI input pin. *This method gat
I am new to HFSS and after much struggle i had able to re do the structure proposed in D.R Smith paper but in the process of retrieving index of refraction my result is some how different w.r.t D.R Smith magnitude,phase and impedance response is same as paper.I had attached my simulated index of refraction and the result shown in paper [AT
In the process of retrieving Mu and Epsilon from scattering parameter by following D.R Smith's paper Electromagnetic parameter retrieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials i got unwanted spikes in real part of refractive index which is as shown 73516.I could not able to understand why i am getting this?Is it due to anti reson
Hello Guys.. does anyone here how to use access database for retrieving information like name, age and etc. in matlab language.
If you are simulating the metamaterial, use field averaging. If you are retrieving from measured S parameters, use Chen.
you can use flash :- Flash 4: retrieving DATA FROM AN TEXT FILE the microcontroller will send the data and store them to a .txt file. Then, flash can access the data to display in the GUI. Hope this helps :)