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We want total solution of hardware for school attendance system please provide me details about hardware and pricing. I am attaching some hardware sample image that we want first one image (Photo-0410.jpg) is AVR & GSM,GPRS Sim modules that we have second one is (Photo-0413.jpg) is long range antina amplifier that we recurred. Please look Video for
If the antenna has many thin wire turns it may be a system working around 125..145 khz. Many turns are requried to get the antenna coil in resonance with a capacitor. The transmitting antenna (reader antenna) also has many turns. If the antenna has about 10..20 turns and (...)
Do you have IE3D? I think It 's good for a planar rfid design.
there was app note from microchip regarding 13.56 MHz loop antenna for rfid (some empiric calculations to get it done) . As it was suggested - the EM simulation soft can do that . Let say sonnet. I don't know feasibility of this solution as you need many turns due to higher inductance for 125 khz .
Hello, I.m designing a rfid sytem and now Im designing the reader`s antenna. I`m using a sokymat unique tag for 125 khz. But I need some information of the tags antenna to maximize the read range. Where can I get the information about the antenna of this tag??? Does a desig guide for (...)
Also look at Microchip website. They have rfid chips and a lot of referance designs for readers.