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Hi All, I am trying to build a long-distance passive rfid tag working at 900mhz range (something very similar to the WISP developed by Washington University). Anyone has any hands on experience? In addition, is it possible to run any simulation on the discrete components before I purchase the components and built the PCB? Thanks!
Another problem is the coax cables forming part of the antenna. Use a 1:1 transformer at the antenna terminals to reduce this effect. I have to use differential coaxial probe just because the 1:1 transformer could not be available,the reliability of measurement is very sensitive to the performance of transformer
Have anybody know how to use Network Analyzer for Non-Contact Measurement Method about 900mhz rfid tag? Recently , I need to do the relate measurement. Thank you.
I think rfid tag has a ralatively large capacitor to hold enough energy for RF section through answering period and EEPROM write cycle.
I am developing a reader module antenna 900mhz band (860-930MHz) which should typically have a gain of around 3 dB or so. A microstrip patch is larger and may not be suitable for the application. Prefer to use PIFA and anybody can suggest a better solution, kindly help If anybody has got an HFSS or CST design example or design file for the PIFA a
is there any company who sends sample rfid tags of 125KHz???
Hi ittefaq11, Perhaps many of the members of the forum have previously simulated an rfid system. But your question is really unclear. that's why nobody replies. I'm not very expert, but if you answer the following questions maybe somebody can help you: 1- what is the operational frequency of your system? 135kHz, 13.56MHz, 900mhz or 2.45 Ghz
hi, I am develping my PhD in rfid, currently there is a bunch of softwares capable of simulating the radiation in 3D. I've begun working with HFSS, but is it good enough to to simulate the response from a TAG design? Because I want to use a schottky model to emulate the IC of the pasive TAG and I don't know if HFSS is capable to simulate the
If you don't enough point, you can download the files from the
Is anybody familiar with the UHF(900mhz) rfid tag rf front-end design? I'm a newer in this field, and i found it's too hard to reduce the power consumption of the circuit (total received power from diple antenna is about 100uW!!). Is there anybody doing the same thing as mine? We can discuss and exchange ideas about it. Or any stuff, materials and
hi guys i have confused by setuping port type in @DS momentum. by help document, i can define the port as differential type , and associate each other. but i can't do it with my dipole antenna, illustrating as following: i can simulate it with internal port type, but i can't decide which type should i use? another questio
hello, guys! now i have a rfid card encapsulated with PVC, antenna is located on PET. i want to know what value of dielectric constant of PET is? and i will simulate it with ADS momentum, this structure is on the following figure: ////dielectric PVC/// ////strip cond///// ////PET//// ////dielectric PVC/// is the definition of structure
here is the forum:
hi everyone: l am a newer in this board.nowadays l am seeking for some resource on rfid 'course l wanna design a ic which is used in rfid(900mhz).Can anybody help me? some guide or some useful e-books&materials are appreciated,thanks a lot !!
HI all, I always heard about the rfid tag's main components are uchip, antenna, and substrate. Is there anything unique for the rfid antenna @900mhz? Is it so different from antenna used in 900mhz GSM system? Thx
Dear All , Anybody have a detail information regarding rfid reader in using 900mhz, because i'm doing a project on it. so Plz help me . i.e. Ref. books or Circuit Diagram etc...