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I'm a undergraduated electrical engineering student and I was reading the antennas chapter in the rfid Hand book(Klaus Finkenzeller) and it provides equation L=N??0Rln(2R/D) to calculate the inductance of a conductor loop that is used as an antenna. But the book also says that I must respect the relation (...)
Hi everyone, . I am studying at Morocco, I would like to studying more about antenna in this field, so if any one in this area, the same me, could you give me informations and documents only about antenna . Thank you so much
hello friends i'm totally new in this field.however i want to try to study about microstrip antenna for rfid . i will using CST to design. my question is : 1. what should i list out before i start to design this kind of antenna ? (freq.? what are the parameter? range? Bandwidth?) 2. can anyone suggest me the book that (...)
book: The RF in rfid
I think you should consult a book on rfid, check the websites of microcontrollers (AVR, microchip, etc) and websites of manufactures (TI, EM microelectronics, melexis, feig, etc).
hi. currently im doing my fyp. and my title is to improve the read distance between the rfid tag and reader. so, i decide to improve the antenna by using the microstrip antenna for passive tag. but, im a beginner in this field and im not sure where should i start. i believe that i should do some calculation but im not sure what should i (...)
put rfid in the search and you will find lot of Threads that will give you info and read the pdfs in this link Alien Technology - Products - rfid Tags
Hi , 1) use logarithmic spiral as a monopol, wire 0,8mm dia about 30mm 2) see page 287, book the RF in rfid Daniel M.Dobkin where you can find the solved example of a near-fied antenna
hai all is it possible to design and manufacture an rfid system whos read range is more than 1 meter? i think the antenna design is too difficult. we will get the modules from texas or other company's but the antenna is too costly is it possible for us to design the same? regards sun
to search some rfid product sheet,there is some information about pcb antenna. In fact,the pcb antenna is microsrip antenna. You may to