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I have an RLM100 UHF rfid module. I searched a lot, but I didn't found anything useful that explain how I can use this modules. I mean the only thing that I understand so far it that this modules use UART protocol to communicate with the MCU, but I need a list of commands that it support
Hi, I want to connect "ATtiny85" to "inductor" how can I do this using Proteus, which "inductor" can I use? I want to create Tag like the description in this
This is my first post on your site, actually my first presentation. Accordingly, I would like to ask you nicely to not take me asbad if sent this to the wrong place by this question and this post. The final year of study at the school I worked with a microcontroller. I already have enough knowledge, enough knowledge to be able to do somethi
I am working on rfid ID-20 interfacing with atmega16. I have interfaced it with both PC hyperterminal and in Proteus simulation where the string was received by the atmega16 and displayed on the lcd. The string received(on bith hyperterminal and atmega16) is "4500D8917D71" whereas the string on the tag(CARD) is " 11C10 0014193021 00216 37245" Ki
Hello Sir, I am currently working on a project on gps & gsm based tracking with rfid based security. My project needs to interface 3 modules (gps, gsm & RF module) to the micro controller but the problem I am facing is that the microcontroller can be interfaced to 2 modules & I am not getting how to connect the RF module. We are using 89c51, SI
I think you should consult a book on rfid, check the websites of microcontrollers (avr, microchip, etc) and websites of manufactures (TI, EM microelectronics, melexis, feig, etc).
It’s a construction of door lock based on EM4095 chip set. Responsible for working all device is ATmega8 with outer 8MHzquartz. Steering program made in avr BASCOM need 34% processor power. Lock functions are: 1 memory u
Hello, I realize a project around rfid technology. I use a HTRC110 controlled by a PIC microcontroller. I have some difficulties understanding how to read and write a tag HITGAG1. The control of HTRC's registers works and I can set The HTRC in read or write mode, but I can't decode datas in the pin DOUT of the HTRC. I would like to know if you
hi i have some problem in decoding manchester codes from rfid reader . i am using avr codevision. i am searching for any good algorithm for manchester decoding?
i m using htrc110 and atmel mega 32 in a rfid project .. i m not sure of d compatibility of the two ics . how can i get d information that which microcontroller is suitable wid htrc110.. one more problem is that my tag uses manchester coding .. can i detect d same using htrc110 i neeed help urgently thanks
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hai. Iam a last grade student of college from indonesia. My final project to graduate is " Monitoring billboard based on microcontroller and GSM module with ULP-rfid". i use GM47 GSM module and avr microcontroller. I have seach through this topic. Please help me if anyone know some good reference.