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I have used it for simulation of rfid coupler coils and PCB trace self and mutual inductance as well as skin effect losses. Yes, you need some time to become familiar with the description language. You can also visualize your geometry file with the FastModel tool.
Microchip and TI have tutorials on rfid antennas. Just take a look at them. If you still find problems you can post them on the forum.
hi, i am designing the rfid module i e13.56 MHz rfid from Microchip , i got the ckt from same and designed the ckt , the problem is designing the tag , can any one tell me is there any ready made tag is available for this rfid module (tag type is MCRF 355/360)?......... (...)
Hello, I have a problem with design antenna to rfid tag used in ID-1 card. I design a rectangular coil for Mifare Classic. I need a information where i can find a resistance of Mifare chip? I took to my calculation a Resistance a chip: 300 ohm, but i dont know if this is a true value. This is a calue that I received (...)
Hi, guys. i am doing rfid coil design currently,but doubt how to verify coil without tag it possible to tune coil to 50ohms and add one differential 50ohms load to estimate the chip's impedance, then measure voltage between two end of load? if it works, how to design differential 50ohms it (...)
Here's a Microchip appnote which covers rfid Antenna coil design: rfid coil design I have posted several additional links for rfid Antenna design in the following group: rfid Technologies [URL="https://www.edaboard.
A important design part is to tune the antenna impedance so it effectively can transfer energy from antenna to receiver and rectifier. For that must your receiver/rectifier impedance be known. Proposals how to tune and impedance match similar coil antennas can be found at a lot of HAM-sites or ARRL. It is possible to simulate the antenna but antenn
When designing a rfid coupler coil, you have to take into consideration the intended operation distance and the nominal field strength range of the respective rfid standard. (You didn't mention any). The Microchip design guide has a good chapter about coil design and (...)
Hi, I trying to design a rfid antenna for 13,56Mhz in CST Microwave Studio. I designed several antenas as a ( ) but I'm not sure if generated result(S-Parametr,Smith Chart,Polar Plot,Farfields an other) from CST Studio is correct. I'm not sure if I goot set ports,fie
Depends on the frequency range. For LW, MW, HF rfid, the antenna is a coil and u can use microchip application notes for design:
Does anyone simulating rfid tags in Momentum? Plz, sharing examples. thz
What frequency? You can find equations for coil design for 125kHz & 13.56MHz on the Microchip website: For details on rfid principles, check "rfid handbook" - Klaus Finkenzeller: and "Smartcard handbook" - oriented more on software
some rfid according to iso18000 operates even lower .. in 125khz, they are using coil antenna but with very small range.
RE: Possible bug in Microchip AN710 ?Antenna design for rfid Applications? (?) Collegues, please take a look: ?Inductance of various antenna coils? chapter (page 9). Eq. 26 gives the inductance of a square coil. Eq. 27 gives the inductance of a rectangular coil.
Datasheet is here: You can send questions to the manufacturer via this email
I am trying to solve the same problem. You can get the bandwidth by making a coil and deQ the coil with a resistor. Lamda of rfid UHF is 33cm (13inches). That means it is very difficult to make a large magnetic antenna. Maybe an array of small antennas?
Hello everybody I'm trying to design a Handheld rfid reader on the 125KHz using the U2270B from Atmel. I looked through the schematics provided by Atmel and they recommend an antenna coil with and inductance of 1.35-1.5mH, which seems a bit large for me. I did a search in this website and the topic had came up in the past, but I can't (...)
It will be very difficult to construct the antenna on pcb at this freq. The antenna should be part of resonant circuit tuned at 125khz. BTW, for rfid, as far as I know, freq. is 125khz, not 135. The antenna should have the approximate area of a credit card, and the number of turns should be around 30. Wire diameter : 0.3-0.5mm. As I said before, th

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