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I was trying to do a small project which is to apply the hotel system key card where it open the door of a room and after enter the room we put it at a certain place where it acts as a switch for the lamp and aircond. So, i was wondering which one is better either using rfid or IR sensor?
Hard to guess without seeing your actual circuit. The fact that you are using a high voltage analog switch suggests that you are multiplexing the rfid coil behind the matching network. But the switch has considerable capacitance, this can't work without tuning/redesigning the matching network. A more promising approach might be to use (...)
I am building a 125kHz rfid reader using a EM4095 IC. I would like to be able to digitally tune the series capacitance to keep the resonance at 125kHz as the antenna's inductance varies due to proximity to metal surfaces (so I can read tags on laptops, phones etc). I have measured antenna inductance varying from 350uH to 700uH. That implies t
If GSM is not used to receive SMS but only for sending SMS then Bi Lateral switch can be used and both rfid and GSM can be connected to ATMega16's Single UART.
I want to switch an rfid tag on/off using an analog voltage source (minimal current). Does anyone know of a good way to do that?
This is what you want: You can simply program them to accept the rfid key you want and they will switch enough current to operate a small relay directly or you can drive other circuits to operate the solenoid. The keys themselves come in different shapes and sizes ranging from keyfobs to credit card size
I have interfaced my PIC with rfid. I have to switch off the rfid whenever a valid ID tag is exposed. I have done everything right. But my program works only on certain power on's properly. Or sometimes it stops working in the middle of checking. I mean saying that it stops working when u expose the card more than 5 to 10 times. Or if i (...)
you can implement a toll collection system using rfid tag Reader,RTCDS1307 and LCD16x2.
Hello again, I have a microcontroller that works at 3V controlling a rfid reader that works at 5V. I would like to enable one of the pins of the microcontroller to trigger the rfid reader to start. I was thinking of using a relay, but knowing that the microprocessor only outputs around 5mA, 3V once that pin is set HIGH, it might not work. Any idea
I am currently using push button switch to activate my relay through PIC, how do i use rfid to activate the relay. pls help.
Im working with a reader of rfid technology. In datasheet we can read that the output is a FET that it is used as a switch. The FET switch between V+ and V- what are inputs of the external circuit (external supply). The datasheets describes as follows: For the GPIO outputs to function, an external user supply must be connected between (...)
Hello, Can anyone suggest me apossible LNA for 2.4Ghz application and requires very few external components. Is it also possible to have the rfid switch with in the LNA. Thanks in advance.