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Hello everyone, I am newbie at rfid sector. As a part of my project work, I wanted to design a rfid tag in CST. I tried
Anybody has any video or written instruction about uhf rfid tag design and port allocation process for CST simulation software? if you have then please send me the link or doc to this e-mail address: removed or share here. Thanks in advance.
how to design differential probe for tag antenna impedance measurement at uhf frequency(915MHz)
Hello everyoneWould you please tell me what should be the port impedance for simulation of rfid tag uhf passife antenna how to calculate
Could anyone explain for me :-(? I read the material (AS3993) and I don't understand that: Sensitivity Range has two concepts: Differential Rx Pins and Single-end Rx Pin. What is the different between them?
Dear all, I'm trying to simulate the Power Conversion Efficiency of uhf rfid Rectifier, over a range of input powers, in Cadence (such as the one illustrated in the attached paper). So, basically, the EM energy is picked up by an antenna, then the energy is fed into the rectifier. To model the antenna, I can either use an ideal voltage source
I want to read data from rfid tag. I use VS2010 C++ and Qt librabry to design a GUI. I can read data from passive tag but when I supply battery to this tag I cannot read any data. The rfid tag sensor I use is SL900A. In the SL900A datasheet, it has 2 logging forms and has different memory banks. I am a newbie so let me know if anyone has knowledge
I am studying uhf rfid and I want to send data from my PC to rfid reader and receive the value data through USB. In the rfid module has MCU C8051F430 connected to USB block. 121933 I built a C# interface and I connected to virtual USB on Proteus and it worked well. I can sent data to PIC18F4550 and receive data from it.
I am working in rfid field but I am just a newbie. I am trying to interface AS3992 uhf reader to USB but I am struck in material. Anyone can help me? Thanks.120826
Disclaimer - I am very very new to Electronics (literally a week), but am doing a lot of reading to try and catch up with the knowledge I need for my eventual project. Background: I run a lot of endurance running races and almost all of the races use uhf rfid passive chip timing systems where the runners wear a uhf passive (...)
Hello, i want to design a uhf rfid tag antenna, before i arrive to this step, I wanted to replicate the simulation presented in the attached paper, i used the same parameters as mentionned in the paper, but i didn't get the same results, i'm getting a low adaptation level and a resonant in a different frequency, i can't identify where is the pro
Below, you see the only schematic of a 6 pages-datasheet of an uhf rfid module (working frequency = 840...930 Mhz): 118928 There are three questions: What is that ANT-MMCX? I search it in Google and I found two components named ANT-GPS-MMCX and ANT-GSMQB-MMCX-ND. Which one is appropriate for this module
I have an RLM100 uhf rfid module. I searched a lot, but I didn't found anything useful that explain how I can use this modules. I mean the only thing that I understand so far it that this modules use UART protocol to communicate with the MCU, but I need a list of commands that it support
Hi, I am trying to use CC1101 IC to read uhf rfid tags at ~868MHz. I have only seen EPC gen 2 Class 1 rfid tags for that range. Can I use CC1101 transceiver to read those tags? If not can I read any sort of rfid tags using this chip? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks a lot in advance.
Hi! I am going to develop rfid system which can read tag and update data to server. I am looking for reader which can read passive tag even if it is in pocket/bag or in box. What parameter/factor i have to see to find such type of antenna of uhf reader? I have read about linear and circular polarized antenna,but something i am missing.
Hi every body Any one know project about ASK modulation and demodulation or data slicer i want used it in design of uhf rfid reader
I am working on uhf band of 866-868 MHz and will utilize CNT's as material for windshield rfid tag designation. Kindly help !!
Hi everyone, I am new to the field of uhf Passive rfid tag antanna's. I am using ADS tool to reproduce the tag antenna of a research paper. I have made the structure and set all the parameters like substrate material, conductor thickness, radiation box, solution frequency 866 MHz and the chip impedance 9.8-j73. I am getting very bad results, S
Hello RF guys! I'm designing a rfid reader, that must be able read 14443A tags(active preferrably) from incoming car. So the read range must be 5-10m. The problem is, that 13.56 isn't designed for this application. Should I just increase the data transmission range using 433MHz transmitters(very costly), or is it somehow possible to get away
hi all, i really need help in finding chip for my antenna tag. i want to built an rfid at 8-12G but hardly to find chip that can matching with the freq. most chip areat uhf freq. do anyone can help on this?