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Hi expert I want interface 75HC595 Using microc pro I force my self to define the pin 1 Data 2 Sc-cp 3 tc-cp For knight rider Thank expert. Pic16fxx
:grin: You already have some great ideas, try to implement one of those? I have tested some simple circuits also a sequential LED chasers, "Knight-rider" style, which go sequentially left-right-left-right-etc.
hii i am sharing knight rider led chaser circuit i will soon update the post after i complete the pcb layout.
Its a night rider circuit. You can further modify it by using diode employing this ---------- Post added at 15:59 ---------- Previous post was at 15:55 ---------- Further details.
Hello dear forum. I am looking for some information about subject :-) TomTom rider I think that will be some down step regulator but that is all. Do anyone some more about it. Sorry for my language
hi, please can anay one tell me how to put 8 leds on port B and to make them turned on one by one using mikroc ,, i am using pic16f877a,and any one knows any books for explaining mikroc language thanks It goes back and forth.....Knight rider style... unsigned int i=1; void main() { PORTB = 0; TRISB = 0; while(1){
yes you need a knite rider type sequencial flasher using a cmos chip let me show you an archive of this type of circuit alternatly i happen to know that most big 20mm type flashing leds when connected by a common power supply cable will flash in sequence anyway so dispensing with
Hi there!!!I'm a motorcycle rider. Yesterday, I lost my lovely helmet. Someone stole my helmet. My idea is how to build an alarm for my helmet, so when someone steal my helmet, my motorcycle or my helmet will make a loud noise. But how?? Need your idea to design this alarm. I hope this alarm can prevent someone's helmet from being stolen. Thx
Bicycle physics A rider stays upright on a bicycle by steering the bicycle so that the point where the wheels touch the ground stays underneath the center of gravity. Once underway, this effort is largely replaced by physical forces generated by the rotation of the wheels which produce a remarkable "self-steering" effect.3 The angular momen
Does anyone know which source code analysis tool is good for Embedded C/C++? lint, LintPlus, CC-rider, or more? TIA