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Hello, I am trying to simulate antenna on CST studio, but instead of using the usual power sources (ports), I would like to use a circuit (Inductor, capacitance, current source). Is it possible for CST studio? Or on ADS? How? What would be a good software for that? Best regards,
Hello, I am trying to simulate antenna on CST studion but instead of using the usual power sources (ports), I would like to use a circuit (Inductor, capacitance, current source). Is it possible on CST studio? Or on ADS? What would be a good software for that? Best regards,
Guys, a question that I believe is simple. An IGBT module, which has 2 IGBT transistors, such as the MII75-12A3. When you say in the datasheet that the maximum switching frequency is 30KHz, is that information from the module or from each transistor? As an example, if the datashhet says it is 30KHz, (...)
I am new to analog design, and I am currently attempting to implement the comparator given below. It is hard to form specific questions regarding this circuit, as I am unsure of where the problem lies. However, I am sure that my methods of designing the circuit are lacking and maybe incorrect. I guess my question is: how do I bias and (...)
Hello, I am trying to print my circuit schematic view, the circuit is not that big, its like fully differential amplifier with biasing circuit. I tried to print the schematic by using three methods but non of them is giving me a clear result that I can use the picturer in formal writing or presentation method1. (...)
Hello All! In the attached EMG amp design the output stage allows for an offset and gain adjustment( for calibration) however there is an interaction between the two adjustments which ultimately prevents the desired output gain. the circuit design includes a preamp stage, 60hz notch (...)
Hello, I'm doing a research about some old Agilent/HP ATFs that have (probably) been counterfeited. I'm searching for these two old designer's catalogues, one by Agilent and one by HP: Communications Components Designer?s Catalog. Hewlett Packard. 5966-0895E (9/97) Semiconductor Products Designer?s Catalog. Agilent Technologies. CD. 5968-78
Hi, I made a research about WPE and I have seen that below some distance there is not any difference between PMOS and NMOS devices, i.e. in both cases the voltage threshold increases. But I am not sure if this conclusion is correct or if there are another properties that can be different due to its mobility carriers (...)
Hello, I need to simulate the following circuit in LTSpice. I made the scheme but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. the following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I need to simulate (...)
Klaus, Thank you very much for your valuable comments. My PCB is working well but not looking handsome :) 2) solder mask on vias vs not.. 2- As far as I saw these white ones are not vias these are just pads. there is a pad that almost connected all of the vias. What is the purpose of it? (...)
Has somebody an idea, a suggestion in order to help me ? PIC 16F877A > Hereunder the code consisting of driving two servomotors separately for a 2 axes pan tilt. TMR2 : for 20 mS period TMR1 : for Ton UPPER servomotor TMR0 : for Ton LOWER servomotor I deleted the code consisting of driving LOWER servomotor because it?s works properly. For UPPER ser
Please help sourcing this USB security dongle which i am using in a software. As my present supplier is no more with us and thus I am looking for exact dongle from China or India. Will require at least 200 -500 Nos but need the exact product. For general info, this dongle is based on Cypress CY7C63813 micro controller inside but no name or company
I can't find photodiode sfh205fa in PSpice and I really need it. I also don't know how to model parts in PSpice. Can someone please help?
I think the inductor referred to may be part of the horizontal linearity circuits. they were mounted on the main circuit board, not the CRT. If I have the right part, they were typically about 30mm long Litz wire coils with a core similar to a small (~5mm (...)
Hello All Good Evening... I am trying to design a Fish feeder timer with 12F675. Its has 5 Pre Programmed out put that are for 1 Second,2 ,4,6 and 8 seconds. Output will turn off after the pre programed time was reached. Simulation of the circuit with Proteus is working... But the real hardware showing some faulty trigger. when I (...)
Hi, I wouldn't like to say anything misleading... It might mean that the error amplifier output voltage can go from 0.7V up to 3.6V, so the sawtooth would need to be sized in amplitude to fit that range (for the expected duty cycle, presumably). It might not mean that... I think EA output should be about 1/3rd to 1/2 ramp peak voltage. (...)
As a first step to build a Half Bridge , I assembled one with IR2153 and an ATX transformer. with the frequency set to 40khz (RT - 18k , CT - 1nf) , it was outputting around 26 Volts 2 mosfets - 4n60 (FQPxx... 2.6 amp 600v). initially I had two Bulk caps 100uf/250 volts. I connected the output to load, over 1 amp and all seemed okay. (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to design a dual-band Class E power amplifier at 2.4/3.5 GHz using only transmission lines for input matching and output matching networks. In the first step, I designed and simulated the circuit on ADS schematic using microstrip lines as in Figure 1 159622 I extracted the results, (...)
Hi, On page 8 of the BCM4414xD1E5135yzz DCDC module datasheet, it says that the Input overvoltage threshold is 420VDC?..and then the recovery from this happens when vin falls to 405VDC. Does this mean that the module resumes into full operation as soon as its vin falls to 405v, or is (...)
How to figure out the dimensions of my left mouse button? I am trying to replace the faulty button but I got no idea what dimensions of my button to be inputted inside google.