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Hello All, I have to run EMIR simulation for my ring oscillator design. For this I have generated a test-bench to be run with hspice. The issue is if i give to big a time duration, the test seems to be running for too long some details about my design: Initial ring oscillator f
Hello everyone! I wish to design a ring oscillator of 250 Hz (without using inductors and capacitors ) with two differential outputs. But the phase difference between the two outputs should be exactly 180 degrees. Also I need the output DC to be 900mV. I am using 1.8V supply voltage. Can anyone suggest me some paper for the same??
Benchmark tests are always based on design Specs. So define them first. Typical tests are Vth tolerance, Ciss, RdsOn, ring oscillator speed test. RdsOn or ESR is the incremental dV/dI from each rail. typical HC ESR is 300 Ohms, LVTTL is 50 Ohms ALV is 25 Ohms.
Without constraints that directs the synthesis tool to keep redundant logic cells, or using low level primitives to describe the circuit, you won't get a working ring oscillator. I could tell you how to do it in Altera Quartus, I'm not using Xilinx. But I'm quite sure that it's possible with Xilinx tools, most likely you'll find respective hints
You should go for gm/Id methology to determine the optimum W/L ratio of each transistor. It also give a vivid picture to the region of transistors. So go for it.... Hello everyone, I am trying to design a starved current ring oscillator based with CMOS 0.35u having to emit 100MHz. I dont have much power limitation (meani
Hi~ everyone. I have been confused about the differential ring oscillator that I simulated several differential ring oscillator, it was functional but the frequency of output wasn't changed with controlled voltage. In the schematic, what should I determine the size of transistors. Thank for sharing your (...)
Maybe you really want a transient based simulation and a .tnoise analysis? I don't think small signal analysis is appropriate to a large signal, ring oscillator design. Your error message indicates it wants V(n1,v1) as an argument, not n1 v1 - might look at the docs for examples.
Did you ever inspect the ring oscillator waveforms to understand how the current control works? There might be an unwanted voltage swing at the inner supply nodes. A standard VCO technology uses differential stages, and if I remember right, voltage rather than current control.
Hi all, I am new in the field of PLL design and i want a clear answer about ring oscillators. I have read some papers (especially Maneatis's papers) that the VCO core consist of "differential delay buffer stages". The term "differential delay buffer stage" means that the VCO core does not need an output buffer stage? In other word
Did anybody here tried that? Instead of coupling microstrip ring or DRO to gate stub, we connect microstrip ring directly to gate. Even varactor can put in there. Any problems with that design? I am interested in such design because: 1) we can put transistor inside the ring -> miniaturisation 2) (...)
Also, make sure your synthesis tool is not eliminating those redundant inverters. Logically, 1 inverter is the same as 99 inverters and unless you force the tool to leave those inverters alone, it will optimize them away. But (IMO) don't use a ring oscillator, you're just asking for trouble. If you can afford an FPGA in your design, you (...)
Hello all ! Rabaey page 205 shows minimum delay tp =(tp_hl+tp_lh)/2 can be some what lesser than the case where tp_hl = tp_lh i.e. low to high and high to low time are equal. Keeping in view frequency of ring oscillator is 1/N*(tp_hl+tp_lh); is it possible to design a faster ring oscillator by making (...)
83520 hi... i have big problem... i have to design a sci based n-stage cmos ring oscillator. Each inverter may have the same size of W/L. target duty ratio of Vx = 50% +/- 1% ring ring oscillator output frequency f = 1 GHz when Vctrl=0V. Trise/Tfall of Vx, Vy, Vz, & Vzb < 100ps so i (...)
hi all, ring oscillator is a very simple design and i can implement properly in Spectre, however, when i move the whole thing to HSPICE, it doesnt work, i checked my NAND gate and inverter, they are all functional.
You can use NAND or NOR gates in place of an inverter to connect an enable signal. The said 6 ns is the delay of a buffered inverter that's comprised of three inverters internally. Thus in chip design terms, the number of inverters required for a 3.5 MHz ring oscillator is higher.
I'm not familiar with Cadence Virtuoso, but a quick Google search presents this result: Click here. In this tutorial, the author is simulating a ring oscillator as well. If you want to skip to the part discussing initial conditions, just search the page for "initial" and you'll
i have to design 4 GBPS CDR in 65nm technology...according to the area requirement i have to go for ring oscillator. please anyone can suggest whether i should go for a half rate or full rate PD...& Give the reason too why should... Thanks in advance
Hi , i am supposed to do a full custom design a 1 Mhz cmos ring oscillator consisting of 5 stages of inverters with CL = 10pf. The delay of each stage comes out to be 0.1 usec.. i am using 180 nm umc cmos technology with 3 volts supply.How do I find the W/L values of each transistor? I know the W Of Pmos = 2 * W of Nmos .. Kindly show (...)
Hi , i am supposed to do a full custom design a 1 Mhz cmos ring oscillator consisting of 5 stages of inverters with CL = 10pf. The delay of each stage comes out to be 0.1 usec.. i am using 180 nm umc cmos technology with 3 volts supply.How do I find the W/L values of each transistor? I know the W Of Pmos = 2 * W of Nmos .. How do i know (...)
I have designed a ring oscillator using IC-Station, the problem is when I simulate the oscillations I have to use a high pulse with a small delay (1ns); the pulse is always high after 1ns till the end of the transient time, my inverters (used for ring osc) are of 0.45 nm so the supply voltage must be 1.2V, when I draw my (...)
hi all how to design a ring oscillator with low phase noise? I want a example of HSPICE code. thank you. please help me.
I'm designing a ring oscillator VCO which can be low performance, since I won't care much about phase noise or great frequency stability. However, I will need a very wide tuning range of something like 1 MHz to 2 GHz with minimum amount of control signals (so simplicity is desired). Also, I don't have much concern about power usage. When (...)
i am designing a ring oscillator in cadence 614 using gpdk can i can calculate the oscillation frequency using the calculator tool in the spectre analyzer.i have used the freq function but it is giving me a linear plot of frequency vs time that freq. is not constant .it's varying linearly with time. though the variation of frequenc
Yes you could design a full-swing ring oscillator and use a resistive divider at the output for reducing the swing size.
hi i would like to design a five stage ring oscillator using CMOS differential amplifier by cascading .But the problem exist is when the differential output voltage is Vdd then at this point the load pmos transistor(which is controlled by a contolling voltage) will enter into the saturation stage but we are trying to model it as a (...)
hello can you hellp me .iwas trying to design ring oscillator but i can not....if you can ...and you have a more information contact me my email adress please .....please
hi all, i'm undergraduate student and I need papers on CMOS ring oscillator design with simulation Examples or how can i design it using 3 stages common source amplifiers thanks in advance :)
How to reduce phase noise of cmos 5 stage single ended ring oscillator and current starved ring oscillator in matlab R2010a or mentor graphics design architect IC.? which are the parameters affecting phase noise in oscillators and how to reduce them to decrease phase noise.? I found (...)
hi, can anybody give me schematic and all values of W,L for differential ring oscillator alongwith vbias voltage and vcontrol voltage values. the design must run on mentor graphics design architect and matlab/simulink. if anybody knows plz tell
hi, i m trying to build differential ring osc single stage in mentor graphics but i m not getting proper output. i tried the same design in matlab and i m getting square wave. i have attached the cmos ckt file .i have cross connected the output to input.plz suggest me the W and L values and all other necessary changes to get a good square
I am a beginner of PLL designing, I want to read some good papers about ring oscillator. Can anybody recommend me some papers about VCO design? Papers can be from architecture to circuit design details. Thank you in advance!
I am trying to build 5 stage single ended ring oscillator in simulink(matlab). How to set propagation delay of each stage inverter to get the desired frequency? also what parameters to set for pmos and nmos L,W, Kp,Kn,Vt etc. I have taken some values from research paper like (W/L)p =5/2, (W/L)n=3/2, vtn=0.6 V and vtp=0.53 V, tox=25 nm , Ld=0.1u
hii, i was trying to build 5 stage ring oscillator and then tried to do sst osc analysis but it gives error that circuit stable no oscillation frequency detected. i m attaching screenshots of ckt diagram and error .Also it gives tht no waveform database file exists cannot evoke ezwave. plz try to correct error in my design and (...)
I'm trying to design a simple microstrip ring resonator for my 9 GHz oscillator. My chosen transistor is biased in such a way that it is operating in the potentially unstable region. The substrate I am currently simulating with is RT Duroid 5880 with a dielectric thickness of 3.175mm. I am simulating my designs using Ansoft (...)
Hi How can I design an oscillator in subthreshold region? Is it possible to have a ring oscillator with fc=200mhz ? Tx
It's just a logic cell delay chain. You need to use tool specific synthesis attributes to prevent the design compiler from removing redundant logic cells. Altera has a design cookbook, also covering true random generators:
I am new in the field of Anaalog ICs. and i was assigned to design a ring oscillator using differential topology but i face problems in adjusting the oscillation frequency and estimate the bias and current needed. Can you please guide me from where could i start and how to achieve the maximum oscillation frequency
Hi Guys, I am trying to design a symmetrical load ring oscillator using the self biasing circuit shown in the maneatis paper. Attached is a schematic showing the self bias circuit. My question is, it shows an OPAMP. How do I design this? Do I have to design each individual stage of the opamp (buffer + (...)
Hi, I am trying to design the same. Attached is a document that shows a differential ring oscillator. Did you get a simple single ended three stage oscillator running? Try that first to see if you can get it to oscillate. It is a simple circuit with three inverters in series and the output of the last inverter (...)
try changing the R value and W/L? If you make R too small and W/L too small, then a MOS won't pull enough current to bring down the gate of the next one.
hi.i am new here.i used the link above here but it has been removed.can anybody tell me where can i find papers on CMOS ring oscillator design with simulation examples having specification to device sizing. and if possible vco ring oscillator from 1.2Ghz to 1.6Ghz thank you. Back to top
Does anyone knows how to design 5-stage CMOS ring oscillator? Problem: Calculate the oscillation frequency (f) from your SPICE output waveform. Need to use code(txt file) to import LIB,then show the simulation. Thank you in advance!!
With that many phases a DLL probably presents a better "economy of implementation" if you're doing an IC design (just make your main ring a 21-inverter cascade, sync the last edge to the input to servo the bias). But PLLs tend to have better attributes in frequency / phase stability, probably owing more to the oscillator quality (...)
Hello. I am trying to design a buck dcdc convertor. And a ring osc is needed. I wonder is it necessary aim to get a high accuracy osc output frequency. If the frequency varies with PVT seriously. what will happen? Thanks in advance. Is there any book analysis PWM PSM and current mode well? could you introduce me quick reference book for dcdc
you could use a ring oscillator
why a ring oscillator is often used to demonstrate a new CMOS hardware technology, analogous to the way a "hello world "program is often used to demonstrate new software technology?
I am design a differential ring oscillator. I want to know if i need a start up circuit in my Delay cell? Thank you for your help
I design a 10Mhz ring oscillator but i want to test the worst scenario. Meaning if my component tolerance is +-10%, how much would it affect my oscillation frequency. I know there' 'fast & 'slow' corner but how do i specify the tolerance?
No Inductor -> Use a ring Osc No Crystal -> The use of a PLL is not allowed R and C limitations: Increase the number of stages instead of increasing the delay of stage so much Good luck
Hi Shawn, As erikl suggested you can use the idea of generating a ramp and comparing it with a reference to generate a clock (oscillations). You can also generate a clock using a current-starved ring oscillator (ICO). You can refer to Jacob Baker's book "CMOS Circuit design, Layout and SImulations". Regards, RDV