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Hi, again, again, we can not know what signals you have.. so it makes answering difficult, uncertain and full of doubts for us and for you. In case you have a low duty cycle at the rectifier ouput you have lots of current ripple and you need a better filter in case you have a 99% duty cycle ... your filter has almost (...)
Hi , I'm trying to work out if the resistor part of an RC passive HPF introduces noise to a signal path. I would like to use a digi pot to adjust the filter sweep position but wonder if the THD of the resistor is a factor? I will be using the resistor (digipot ) as a shunt between the balanced lines on an audio input of a preamp. I can see
Is there a way to find the inductance/length given an s-parameter of a transmission line. Assume that I have no idea of the characteristic impedance Zo either. Is there a possible way to find it using simple ac sims (say using input imepdance)? The TL line has a non-zero R,L and C. I know the length of transmission line too. Let's call that 'l'
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Hi guys. I'm using cadence virtuoso for the TSMC 28nm manufacture. and there weren't problem until I finished DRC and LVS test. but when I tried PEX, I faced over 150 warnings and couldn't extract any resistance or capacitance, these are my error pictures. and some of them are usual warnings I've had before( I didn't (...)
I am trying to develop a controller for a 1500W BLDC motor and would like to know what microcontroller I can use for this. I have run several tests with the PIC18F4431 and PIC16F887. I have not obtained the expected result. Currently what pic is there to perform this type of control?
Hi I am new to the Magic VLSI tool, the problem is that I opened magic by the command : magic but the units are displayed in microns, not in lambda. I googled a lot how to change it to lambda, but no luck. 159483 In previous version of magic and in all tutorials it is showing lambda. Please somebody tell me how
hi, One of my project i am using PIC microcontroller (PIC18F452). in the particular project i am using two serial communication devices. i am using cd4016 for switching between them. the problem is the two devices are communicating with two different board rate, is there any problems will arise in the communication between the devices and microcon
Hi, I'm currently working on a project. I'm using a PIC16f887 microcontroller to help me send a sms to the user. It is supposed to allow the user to enter their phone number and it will send a sms to the user. The keypad is working fine but I have problems with the GSM. The code I've attached below is my main code. void main(void) {
I guess test case means a particular test which has defines the certain inputs and expected outputs? Can you define test case more properly for a novice? and I'm also wondering who writes the test cases for ICs? Verification engineers or test engineers?
Hello, 159680 I am playing around with a frequency doubler. For now the doubler is just a diode. The input frequency is 5.8 GHz and the doubled output is 11.6 GHz. The diode is terminated with an antenna whose resonant frequency is 11.6 GHz. A note about the filter, its pretty much ideal BPF, presenting a near open at f
Hi, I am new in sentaurus simulation and I am also new to this forum. When I was trying to simulate a basic 2Dnpn model in sprocess( it's my first time to simulate a 2D model), I fund an error saying "error in PARDISO driver". I want to figure out whether there is something wrong with my codes or with my software. The codes and the p
Hello everyone, I want to simulate the phase noise of a multi modulus divider at the feedback path of a fractional frequency synthesizer. The input frequency of the divider , which is the output of VCO, is 16G. The divider then divides this value with an average ratio of 200, which is controlled by a MASH. So the division ratio is changed between
Hey, I need help with my assignment. I was required too build a Phase Firing Circuit for a aquarium heater that I am going to use in a PCB Etching Tank. However, I wasn't able to simulate it properly using LTSpice. I am not sure where i did wrong. Attached below is the Phase Firing circuit in LTSpice and the output. 159669[/ATT
Hello Everyone, I am really new at PCB design and forum. Maybe my questions would be silly if so, sorry in advance :) 159655 The PCB at the top is my design for BLDC motor control. The bottom one is a commercial product. Well, as you can see there are some differences I want to ask about them. [ATTACH=CO
#Spectre #Cadence I was not able to get the pole frequency from DCop values of a simple circuit. I need to use the DCop values in order to verify my calculations used to govern my design process. This is also kind of required, or at least much welcomed in my thesis. Also knowing from where the performance limitation are coming from, has a huge v
Has somebody an idea, a suggestion in order to help me ? PIC 16F877A > Hereunder the code consisting of driving two servomotors separately for a 2 axes pan tilt. TMR2 : for 20 mS period TMR1 : for Ton UPPER servomotor TMR0 : for Ton LOWER servomotor I deleted the code consisting of driving LOWER servomotor because it?s works properly. For UPPER ser
Hello, I am trying to simulate antenna on CST studio, but instead of using the usual power sources (ports), I would like to use a circuit (Inductor, capacitance, current source). Is it possible for CST studio? Or on ADS? How? What would be a good software for that? Best regards,
Guys, a question that I believe is simple. An IGBT module, which has 2 IGBT transistors, such as the MII75-12A3. When you say in the datasheet that the maximum switching frequency is 30KHz, is that information from the module or from each transistor? As an example, if the datashhet says it is 30KHz, can I switch each transistor at 30KHz, i
I am new to analog design, and I am currently attempting to implement the comparator given below. It is hard to form specific questions regarding this circuit, as I am unsure of where the problem lies. However, I am sure that my methods of designing the circuit are lacking and maybe incorrect. I guess my question is: how do I bias and (...)