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Dear all: Kindly i need to answer the following question as i tried to get the best answer to it but i could not why I use micro striplines or transmission line to implement the Filter in High frequency(microwave frequency) instead of lumped element thank you in advance
Hello All. I am wondering for what should I use for the IBIS model including PKG rlc in Designer, Pin model or Buffer model?? There are 2 types of models in IBIS file, Pin model and Buffer model. If I want to use the IBIS model with PKG rlc while I run the DDR SI simulation in Designer, which model is right for? Pin model or Buffer model??
I don't believe that Proteus provides models of ultrasonic transducers with time-of-flight. You can possibly make your own behavioral model based on rlc resonant circuits and delay lines.
Hi all kindly help in my project how to convert this HSPICE file To rlc equivalent circuit format(attached) can any body tell the steps this is hfss generated for Hspice file and i want to draw eq ckt( tell the software and steps to do this ) thanks kartik
I have a differential transformer (4 ports) and rlc circuits, and I need to get the smith chart using these circuitry. Which tool can i use for this purpose? where can i find an example? Thank you!
Hi all, could any one tell me why S-parameter model is better than rlc model ? and where it is mostly used. Thanks for help in advance..........
Hello, I am looking for a software package that would accept a frequency dependent complex function (Zin(f)=Re(Zin(f))+jIm(Zin(f))) and will calculate a rlc ladder circuit that would have the same frequency response as the input function. I guess this is frequently done in filter synthesis. In my case it's a one port circuit. Thanks Kat
No! You need an rlc meter if the coding is not usable!
Hi: There are quite some tools can convert s-parameters into rlc or SPICE netlist in a wide frequency band. However, none of them can guarantee the rlc are always positive or the SPICE netlist to be of passive components only. It seems impossible to avoid negative rlc or active devices inside the SPICE net list. If possible, I do suggest (...)
normally, to quantify the noise introduced by package, you can use simple lumped rlc model, with R around 50~100mohm, L~5~10nh and C~1pf for a typical TSOP package, but if you need accurate analysis, then the signal mutual coupling need to be considered, where you need the 3D model of the package and use software tools like ansoft to extract a netl
Hi Guys... How can I extract resistance,capacitance,and inductance from S-parameters.. I keep finding these papers and they all conatain this phrase "the S-parameters were fitted into an rlc circuit model"...I want to do the same thing to get the values of rlc of a structure modeled in HFSS.. Please help Thank You
I need a software tool to design schematics very quickly and simply (I mean analog circuits made of rlc and FETs) that looks pretty good... No simulations and layout features are required... What do you suggest? Thanks in advance wasm
Anyone know how to extract rlc of a circuit from its S-Parameters?
Hi Some companies such as rlc electronics can produce custom bandpass filter with custom center frequency, BW and sharpness. Regards
hello I s there any software for conversion of s-parameter data to spice model.thanks and regards Use the Spice Model Generator of ADS. You can transform s-parameter data to rlc equivalent circuit or transfer funtion. B.R.
Hi Guys! do you know if there exist a software where it is possible to draw a complex rlc network (maybe also with some controlled sources somewhere) and to obtain the symbolic equations for input and output impedance??? :?: This is because I am getting crazy in analyzing a huge network to find output impedance symbolically. Thank you very much