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Hi friends , I have 100 mV to 3 V Ac signal with 700 Hz frq and i should to measure the rms value with Mirocontroller (Avr -BasCom) then i use this circuit but that is very big error that you can see in attached picture , please help me for find best method to convert Peak Voltage to Dc value . Thanks 133425 [ATTAC
how to build a circuit to measure rms value of the sine wave signal with frequencies vaying from 1 Hz to 1 KHz. the voltages is of range +/-20 mv(if it is unamplified), +/- 10 V if it is amplified. Thanks in advance.
hi, I need to measure rms current of 50 hz signal. I have a low frequency current transformer.of course, there must be an analog circuit with the transformer. do you know any topology? Thanks.
Hi all, I want to find suitable circuit for measurement rms value and convert it to DC. please help me. It is important for me and i'm waiting to you. Good Luck vahab
Hi ajaykumar, Ring detector The ringing signal is 70-90V rms 20-25Hz. Ring detector basically detects whether the incoming signal ac signal signal magnitude is more than some set threshold level. One circuit idea is to apply the ringing ac signal to a rectifier and convert into dc. Compare with a reference. (...)
Hi, not the expert in this field but I would say that the only difference might be in the time constant used in video portion of detector circuit. For peak detector the constant should be very small so that instantaneous value of the signal is detected, for rms detector it should be long so that (...)

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