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Hello, I am a newbie and I'd like to create my first serious project in electronics: a motor driver. The motor I'd like to control is a 12V DC brushed motor, it is a grill motor, it is chinese and it has no datasheet. I tested the motor with my hand and it rises up to ~28 amps when (...)
For this project I would follow the advice and use the servo motor as used for RC models. These will give you the positioning that you require and you can control the rate of movement (speed) in your software by iteratively changing the rate of the position requested. You could also measure the force being exerted by measuring the motor (...)
hello...! I'm working with pic16f877a to build Six legged of robotic, so I want to control it with RF remote control using Tx & Rx modules 434 MHz with RF800 encoder & decoder. here I'm going to use DC motor and Stepper motor and L293D drivers _each leg has two Angle, it means stepper (...)
How can i write a robotic arm Program and Impliment it in Physical?
Hi Guys I need your help in creating a software that can control 6 DC motors to help my robotic arm work.
What kind of rover is your requirement. A simple toy car can be used for this by controlling the motor either be bluetooth / RF / WIFI or any protocol. to that you can add the robotic arm and control it tooo. robotic ARM is available in bangalore, SP road, OM technology center. you can confrm it a it (...)
i need help on a robotic arm using a pic16f84 and 3 push button but not have the software,do anybody have the software like matlab or c need it ASAP
I'm building a robotic arm with servo motor control but not sure how to build it.i mean the software part like to use visual. madlap will be to hard and long HELP ME
Helo everyone. I'm newbie in micro and robotic, i try to build one, from this site. . That's robot is worked. But I need help to re-code using sdcc. From that site is using MC51. and this is original code : #include d:\mc51\8051io.h #include d:\mc51\8051reg.h extern register u
Hi there It would be easier to control the robotic arm if you just used stepper motors there are many available in electronics hobby stores.
hi ppl... i'm very very new to de field of robotics tho i'm very interested in the subject as such. I would like to know what prerequisites should I have so as to go about the process of actually building a robot(or a prototype)... I want to design the control of a robotic arm, like a robot that can pick up objects,say a sheet of paper. (...)
could i used picoblaze to control the motor by using spartan -3 starter kit , ??? How i could built the interface for the motor , ? what about robotic arm i need some document about the subject ?
Hi Cristib, I am Interested on using Power electronic to control the Brushless Servo motor for path possitioning in robotic or CNC machine. Pls Help Thanks a lot Tr2000