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hi i tried to understand the following parameters for root raised cosine filter in cadence but did not getting correct o/p.: alpha over_samples group_delay frame_time numChipsOut can any one guide how to set the parameters for 50Gb/s square wave for OOK modulation. Thanks
I have a simulink model (using Comm. Toolbox / DSP blocks) I have built that will do QAM modulation just fine with pulse-shaping (using root-raised cosine filter). I'm trying to get a Baseband signal to RF for time-domain analysis for a RF PA. I need an LTE like signal with a high PAPR. So I am using an OFDM modulation on (...)
hi, i would like to know where to put the RRC at the modulator? whether before modulation process(Block diagram A) or after modulation process (Block diagram B)?is there going to be any difference between
I have a set of symbol values to be modulated FM. Square root raised cosine filter is required for pulse shaping before FM modulation process. Roll off factor is given as 0.2. I wonder how transmitter pulse shaping filter order and its structure affects bit error rate after modulation and demodulation process?
I want to know that square root raised cosine filter equation (following equation) can be used at both transmit and receive? h(n)= (4Rcos((1+R)2πnfc)+(sin⁡((1-R)2πnfc))/(8RkT_s fc))/(πF_s √(1/2fc)((8Rnfc)^2-1)) -∞
How could I do this function? = rootraisedcosine(P, B ,T) It has to generate a vector with 2P+1 coefficients of a root raised cosine filter with roll-off= B and period = T. stc so is an struct. I have read about rcosine, rcosflt and (...)
hi all, m a student and doing a project on low power physical layer transceiver. but m stuck now in srrc filtering. i need to calculate the power taken by the square root raised cosine filter so that i can compensate by adding that much of power to the power amplifier. can anyone please suggest me (...)
its urgent i need to submit,i did pulse shaping using rom but i need details regarding root raised cosine
A doing my final year project which involves the design of a MIMO( multi-input Multi-output ) indoor wireless communication system where am required to use for transmit and four receive antennas, my problem is on how to design a pulse shaping filter( root-raised cosine filter) and interfacing the output of (...)
Hello I'm doing a square root raised cosine FIR filter, but with the formula that appears in the last page on this document I'm getting coefficients too high. There's a way to normalize those coefficients? Is right that formula for the square root raised cosine (...)
See my simple simulink models: Key words: PSK, QPSK, QAM, square root raised cosine filter, differential coding, feedback feedforward NDA decision-directed symbol timing carrier phase recovery synchronization, Gardner Muller and Mueller timing detector, Farrow interpolator, automatic g
Hi! I am working on WCDMA simulation in Simulink. I have spreaded and scrambled the data as per the WCDMA standard and as per the standard i have to pass this complex data to root-raised cosine filter having roll off factor 0.22. I dont have idea how to adjust group delay parameter in it as i have not found or perhaps (...)
hai everybody,i am doing implementatoin of root raised cosine filter on fpga,can any one help me?regarding code,documentation i.e.,material This file maybe helpful for you.
Impulse response of root-cosine filter is that it is zero at the positions of adjacent bits despite of that it "extends more" So Eye diagram is good
Hi, Can someone post the coefficients for a root raised cosine filter with the following specification Symbol Rate 1280000 Symbols/Sec Rolloff Factor 0.300 Sampling Frequency 5.12 MHz Number of taps = 41 Many Thanks Ali
what is the spectral density of AWGN passed the Square root raised cosine filter?
Any one working on root raised cosine /Pulse Shaping filter For 3g Applications can help me in finding the specifications or Designing the Floating point signed multipliers and adders
I`m now designing a modulator,according to teh protocol,after the root - raised - cosine filter,I、Q will be modulated by a sinewave with a frequency 3200Hz. Blow is the requirements of the protocol: "The energy density at 800Hz and 5600Hz shall be attenuated 3dB +/- 2dB down form the maximum energy density in the (...)
The raised cosine filter is a matched filter for rectangular pulses. This means that it maximizes the signal to noise ratio at the center of the pulse. This shape should be split between the transmitter and receiver. This split makes square root raised cosine (...)
hi All, I have a question about filtering a signal using fir filters. I am tring to filter a qam signal with a root raised cosine pulsee shape filter and my filter have two inputs bit and 15 output bits. After the filter I have a DAC with (...)
Hi DSP experts: I have a question on the square root raised cosine filter (SRRC). Usually SRRC are used on both sides of the Tx and Rx. Given the channel is 1, and additive white Gaussian noise, are the noise samples at the output of the matched filter (SRRC) still white? The output signal are (...)