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Please check this website for routing at
Hi, as we know there are two types of routing tech we follow while designing the chip. 1) Global routing. 2) Detailed routing. The goal of the global routing is to route as many nets as possible while meeting the capacity constraints of each edge and any other constraints if possible. While in detailed (...)
Hi, there are some doubts I need to solve before adding vias to the layout. Two types of vias are needed, through hole and BBvias, could the drill hole be the same for both of them? Via Pad <= 0.3 mm Via Drill Hole <= 0.15 mm Which would be the recommended pad & drill hole for different kind of via? [/
You need to analyze why this slew violation appears. is it on a macro pins? std-cell, same types, long routing?... You will understand why the tool behave like this. Do you create the clock tree in MMMC mode? And how much the violation is ? (%)
what is routing? types of routing? when can we say.. it s good routing?
Hi Sunny, I've no idea about different types of ESD analysis. I'm working on Full-chip Floorplan and Power-routing currently, there is a dedicated team which runs/reviews the ESD check. You can put more light on each type briefly.
Hi, The types of vias you mentioned depends on which layers the components to be interconnected are present. A blind via starts on the top layer and ends before the bottom layer( You cannot see its other end hence blind). A buried via starts after the top layer and ends before the bottom layer. It is completely buried inside the layers. A throug
I am trying to figure out how to avoid tracks getting routed in between the pins of resistors etc of surface mount components. I could make up rules for each component on the PCB but that would make a big mess. So I am looking for a global kind of rule that would cover say groups of particular types of components. Anyone who can point me in the rig
Capture is inputting the schematic drawing. PCB entry is routing the pcb. Sounds like you want to add a new compomnents, this means you have to add a new component to a library. There are two library types schematic and pcb.
Sroute in cadence is lie preroute_std cells ,, and nanoroute is the router solution from cdn, which has stages like Global route and detail route,like in thearitical books, there is no explicit track assignment in the nano route, which will be done by detail route, Can u tell me ,,,wht are the different tasks done in detail routing,, i am with a
Does any 1 know about the algorithms used by the PD tool internal to Astro and SOC Encounter(Used particularly by the tool) I know the different types of algorithm available,But in particular what does Astro and SOC Encounter uses,I want to know for. Floorplan Placement CTS routing
Hi, For Ddr2 address is there any topology for routing.. I have attached the jpeg file which i had doubt. Please help me.. Regards, Srinivas.
Hi Guys.. can some one pls explain how to decide what kind of termination is best stuitable for a design. i have read several papers which explain about different types of terminations but none of them explains typical applications secenario about using them. i am designing a board with 50Mhz clk. and routing add and data bus from the processor
You should expect/need the following: 1) clock skew 2) clock slew 3) insertion delay requirements 4) source latencies 5) case analysis in the SDC 6) buffer/inverter types 7) skew groups...if necessary Added after 52 seconds: also, 8) nondefault routing rules for clocks 9) shielding...if necessa
Hi, can anyone send me some documents on routing constraints of FLEX PCBS and it types are they multilayered or single etc. Thanks & Regards kumar
hi , we have different kinds of wlm. I think the wire load model present in the logical library is the constant wlm. Wat about the other wlm such as global, final, manhattan. I understood that global wlm is used after placement. final after routing. manhattan after coarse placement and constant b4 floorplanning. Where are other values pre
Signal-integrity, noise, process variation, over-the-cell routing and metal migration.....
hai can any body give a document related to types of routing topologies and what are the advntages and disadvantages over other thanks Rgards prakash
For digital ICs, routing the clock to the whole circuits driven by it is very challenging . The clock drives all the flip-flops and latches at the IC .Clock lines run for very long distances and see different loads at different points .The different loads and different path lengths to different destinations cause different delays causing what is k
There are basically two types of grids: a manufacturing grid which is the resolution of the photolithography mask shop's process and a routing grid, which are the lines and points that the place and route tool uses to physically implement the design in the chip area. I'm guessing "gridless cells" refers to the fact the cell geometry is not aligne