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using edk software i wanna give an image to fpga through serial port rs232 providing a SDRAM And it took you 10 days to type up that little part of the specification? Guess I'll be checking this thread somewhere in March then. With a bit of luck you may have given a full description of what you want by then! XD
i am sending some bytes by rs232 in sparta3e board in xilinx edk tool i have array A and a another array initialized as B, say i write a1=A; //(a1 is 8 bit integer ) B=B+1; so the B should be B but i get B, but if i send only 'a1',then i got 3, why its
i want connect DCE rs232 with hyperlink of pc in edk(11.1) platform. in that case in system c code which functions of urlite i have to use,
Hi, If you are using Xilinx kernel as a part of the software for Microblaze then the rs232 (UART) controller is avialable with the Board development kit and the code used to print using this interface is xil_printf. The settings of the hyper terminal sdhould match the UART interface settings used in the edk.
refer rs232 in get verilog source code there
Anyone could give an example in C code for MicroBlaze of how to send these packets through COM1 (rs232), setting up a connection channel between server-client at 9600 baud. A liitle catch here...the server is only allowed to send the next packet after the client has echoed the packet back to server. The latter should listen for the return packets a