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Check whether the PC,which will be connected to your fingerprint scanner also supports rs232 communication mode.If it does,then find a connector for physically connecting the scanner device to the rs232 port and a driver,which you will have to install on the PC for communicating with the driver.
Okay now that I have a picture of the design it's clear. So your serial interface (SPI?) is communicating to the DRP. You've run simulations on that circuit for both the read and write? The model you use to drive the serial interface was verified to be producing the correct protocol? If you have access to chipscope you might
Hi all, I have been trying to interface matlab with rs232 i came across this I downloaded the GetSerialData.cpp file, GerSerialData.dll and StdAfx.h. I put the files in the same directrory as the link above suggests. I get to a point where the program asks to select a compiler, I typed matlab
Hi, General steps. 1. See through which interface you can use to control like rs232,USB,GPIB or LAN. Different machines will have different interfaces to remote control. I have controlled spectrum analyser 2. Generally matlab will have a support from Mfr web. if you have driver download it and use it. easy way 3. Otherwise (...)
I am trying to interface an 16F887 and matlab using the serial port. I am using the CCS C compiler. I am able to run the ex_float.c example using hyperterminal. But when I tried the following code to get 3 characters from matlab, it is giving weird numbers. #include<16F887.h> #fuses HS, NOWDT, PUT, NOPROTECT, NODEBUG, BROWNOUT, NOL
sir i am dng final year proj in robotics , in that simulation . i want information abt serial communication rs232 in matlab . pls give info abt that i need veru soon . help me and if it had programs pls give me
I want to interface 8051 with webcam such that it sends video to 8051 which further sent to the computer via rs232 serial port for image processing using matlab.Reason for first sending the images to 8051 is that , I want to make a robot which captures the video and sends to the PC via serial port and computer controls the motion of the (...)
All, Greetings. Okay, so here's my dilema. I am trying to output 4 different signals generated in matlab through the rs232 port and into an PIC16f877A. The pic shall light up 4-different LEDs depending on matlab's output. I am trying to program the pic using Sourceboost and Mplab. Iv'e used several example codes that I found on the (...)