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Hi, There are a lot of step up / boost DCDC converter chips that run with 2.7V or less. Also there are capacitive voltage doubler / voltage inverter circuits. Like MAX1044.. If you have access to the other side of the rs232 (PC), then you maybe can use those (control line) levels to generate the rs232 supply voltage. But this is a low (...)
Yes, you only need TX, RX and ground but are you sure you are using the correct voltages at the interface? When you say "FTDI module", do you mean ONLY an FTDI interace or is it a full USB serial interface as used for PC serial links. If it is, it may have an on-board rs232 level shifter which will invert the signals and produce wrong (...)
I have been working on serial communication from a month but didn't got any success in making the circuit of rs232/TTL I already had make two circuits when i tested them they are giving me loop back that my circuit is working but after connecting it to my Pic16f877a the circuit start giving the garbage values on hyper terminal either on Proteus I a
Are you using ONLY the CH340 IC or is it a complete cable assembly with a CH340 IC inside it? If you are using a complete cable assembly, it will also have an rs232/V24 level shifter inside it. Do you have an rs232 interface device attached to your microcontroller (MAX232 etc) ? Brian.
rs232 = Recommended Specification 232 which deals with handshaking and protocols for transferring serial data using a V24 interface. MAX232 = An IC made by Maxim with sections to convert TTL voltage levels to V24 voltage levels and sections to convert V24 to TTL, basically a voltage level shifter. As you (...)
A simple question : if i want to substitute this usb to rs232 converter directly into my circuit then i dont need to install rs232 level converter chip or do i need to? then it will be called usb to TTL converter and i can feed its output and inputs directly to ucontroller right? have a look at the 2nd fig, the colored one.
Connect to pins 25 and 26 via a rs232 level-shifter chip like the MAX232.
hi i need to communicate between pic micro-controller that run on vcc 5v ,, gps module sim18 that work on 1.8v how i can get two to work together TX/RX ?????? there any circuit for voltage shift level ?? or any ic can do this work ?
you cant. rs232 sends serial data and max232 is just a level shifter. it needs something to interpret it
you can connect it to an rs232 serial port such as COM1: - however, this needs a level shifter such as the MAX232 to convert from PIC16 UART voltage levels to rs232 levels. If you have a laptop without a rs232 port or don't want to use a level (...)
If you want to change the logic voltage levels to communicate to the system then you can make a level shifter using max 232 IC. Check this out Serial level converter (rs232-2-TTL converter) ? benybee
Hi Computer output signal is in rs232 level (+/- 12 V) and Bluetooth module signal level (probably) +/0 3v you will need a level shifter like MAX232 to convert signal level from +/- 12V to +/0 3v level All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
mmm... do your 8051 have a level shifter like the MAX232 for rs232??? or you just connected directly??
They're quite a few of those level shifter designs out there. Have been for years. These days USB to Serial TLL are popular as rs232 ports are disappearing list version
Hi, For the RF architecture, I'd propose you to go with the nRF24L01 TRANSCEIVER from Nordic VLSI. Easy to integrate with a low cost MCU that you can also use with a level shifter for your rs232 interfacing. Then the programming with shouldn't be an issue. For your PCB prototypes, try .
If you need to drive a long length of cable, use level converters. The rs232 level must be greater than +/- 3V at the receiving end to operate properly. If you drive less than 5V, make sure that the receiver at the other end will see enough voltage.