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hello, Compatible with ESC/POS command set, more characters style setting commands Serial(RS-232C ) interface maybe these old document can help you.. ESC command for printer just try to send direct command with a rs232 terminal to the printer like VBRAY terminal , easy to send ESC sequence of char with programmable
Hello, I am using Adafruit Thermal printer.i need to interface(serial) this thermal printer with my Micro controller(Nuvoton-NUC121 series). Can i do it using UART in my controller and also do i need any printer specific drivers to do it .i will use UART -rs232 communication in my board. Any help will be (...)
Hi all, I have Fujitsu thermal printer FTP-628 MCL101 and want make control board with rs232 or usb. Anybody have some shematc diagram or some experience with this printer? Thanks
could u tell me how to connect any "small printer" directly with pic ? could u advice me any type of printer i will use? Any printer with an rs232 interface is easy to connect. If it supports ESC/P (old Epson printer compatible mode) then it is easy to print to, just like the one you have discussed (...)
printer Cable! USB To rs232 Serial DB9 9 PIN Adapter Cable cost $2 in volume and sell for $20. USB can handle it with Prolific PL2303HX processor.
Hi All, I am trying to interface a rs232 printer (ESA Microprinter) with a microcontroller. I am new to this interface and I am unable print a proper data in the printer. Basically I need to print some data that includes characters, numbers and some basic special characters. I also want to print a dot graph of a (...)
The only advantage of a PC sound card line out is the ability of playing *.wav files without writing a line of code. Apart from that, any digital interface, e. . printer port, rs232 would be better suited to drive a switch transistor.
I think rs232 was meant to go to a computer to a printer and that was about it. I think it is meant to go 15 feet. It does not even use differential signalling. Anyway, capacitance rears it's ugly head over distances and impedance matching becomes all-important. The problem you bring up is not trivial and is actually a huge part of communications e
You can connect your PIC board to PC via COM port (rs232 port), Parallel port (printer port) ot USB port. with parallel port, you can direct connect your PIC PCB to printer port, but need 10 cables plus ground. With rs232 port only need 2 cables plus ground, but need a TTL-rs232 Voltage converter chip (...)
i want to use mini printer with mcu 89C51. Can any body help me. are mini printers rs232 port?
Hi all, I have to print to a rs232 printer from a ?controler, Ok it quite as easy as writing to serial... but a need some info on managing "out of paper", "end of page", buffer ..... does someone have a code sample about that ? I also appreciate info on printig to // printer but with IOs thanx