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When you design project with line connected you have to be careful about isolation. Otherwise you can say goodbye to your USB ports or even your computer! If you use rs232 or rs485 communication you have to get one of isolated converter with USB input and yes they are not so cheap! So i designed open hardware platform for this purpose (...)
Hi, The ATMega has TTL/ CMOS level outputs. You did't say, but I assume the PLC has rs485. (rs232 is not ued at all, therefore it is unclear why you talk about rs232) rs485 is half duplex, where you only have one signal (pair) for receive and transmit combined rs232 is full duplex with one signal (...)
Hi guys, I've ultrasonic I've tested this by
Hi guys, I'm having a ICP CON rs232 to rs485 converter. I dont know how to check whether it is working or not?. I've only one rs232 to rs485 converter and usb to serial converter. My rs232 to rs485 converter (...)
Hi, I'm trying to make an rs232/rs485 converter circuit. I used a circuit from and i changed some components on that circuit. Then i established my converter circuit that i linked the scheme. I'm also adding
No, for the reasons kam1787 has already explained. What are you trying to achieve by plugging an rs232 to TTL converter into Ethernet anyway? Brian.
I would need to use an RS-485 protocol to connect it with problem is that i confuse about how to do it? I will need to rs485 module to sent data from one to other and the second to sent it via an rs232 module to pc? IS this the case?
I have developed a system in which each device can communicate with each other through rs485. In the protocol, if a device want to send out a packet, it will detect the rs485 bus first to check if any data still on the bus to avoid collision. The system work perfectly within its own network. It also works when I use a (...)
Greetings EveryBody! I AM USING: I am using B&B Electronics rs232 to rs485 converter (Model 485COSR, datasheet attached), for conversion it has MAX491 type full duplex IC in it and I connected this conerter with Computer via rs232 and on the other hand in my circuits LTC485 is used. WHAT I DID IS: Here I had to (...)
Dear friends, I am designing a multipurpose converter. we can configure it as follow 1. USB to rs232 2. USB to rs485 (4 Wire) 3. USB to rs485 (2 Wire) 4. rs232 to rs485 (4 Wire) 5. rs232 to rs485 (2 Wire) USB to rs232 is working (...)
Hi i am developing a system based on modbus protocol.Master side is PC and slave are some other devices.I will need here an rs232 to rs485 converter b/w PC and slave devices.I know that i can connect 255 slave devices with 1 master. My question is that can i use 1 rs232 to rs485 converter (...)
First check development kit documents of the CP21XX. for minimal implementation of RS-232 which uses only Rx and Tx you will need only a Phy. like MAX232. also for RS-485, a line driver/receiver IC like MAX485 is all you need. maxim and analog devices have several interface (rs232 and rs485) products. BEST
Hello everyboday, I'm new here. We supply TTL/rs232/rs485 to WiFi modules, welcome your visiting.
Hi all. I have two design: 1/ rs232 to rs485 converter I use Txd, Rxd from PC ==> max232 => opto => max3089. I use RTS(from PC) to control DE and /RE pin max3089 2/ USB to rs485 convert. I use USB=>> FT232RL => opto => max3089. I use CBUS2(pin 13 of FT232RL) to control DE and /RE pin max3089. With 2 this design I can (...)
All new computers have only USB ports, with no COM, LPT nor PS/2. Using FT232RL, you can easily make an adapter USB to rs232, RS422, rs485 as well as implement several unusual operations. Presented converter has the following
Hello, This is my first post in the forum and i am honored to join the forum to be the start to learning the electronics. My problem in brevity i have barcode reader connect by rs232 i want to do I connect it to a distance of up to 150 meters for that i Decided convert it to rs485 and back it again to rs232 been used this (...)
device is 3in1 converter: USB ? rs232, rs485 and UART. A fully dedicated system FT232RL acts as the converter. It is seen in the system as a COM port, and is assisted by two MAX232 and MAX485 systems. Any settings of the converter can be made through the system as it is in a norm
The system has RS-232 outputs in TTL and V.24 versions with all signals, what means DCD, RX, TX, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI. FT232RL system provides signal conversion USB-rs232 TTL. MAX235 system from MAXIMA samples is
please give me some details of usb to rs232, rs422 and rs485 converter applicable in military field.
Hi all, How to implement rs485 communication between PC and PIC micro controller. I have used MAX485 to convert RX and TX signal to D+ and D-. In PC side rs485 to rs232 converter is used. I think the hardware part is ok.. How to write a C Code for communication between microcontroller and PIC . (...)