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Use RS232 level converter, or alternatively rs485 transceiver.
I Want to read data from a sensor which has rs485 interface the computer has only usb port ,I used rs485 to usb windows i am getting the response data when i send request data.When using in linux i tried minicom software ,but I am not getting the response data when i send request data. It shows the ftdi driver for the converter.
Sir, I am using spartan 3e kit. I have rs485 voltage converter ic for communication between fpga and pc. Sir, can you give me the vhdl code for UART (rs485 protocol) or how can write vhdl program for it ? Please sir give me the idea for the problem mentioned above. Regards, Akshay B. Patil
I would need to use an RS-485 protocol to connect it with problem is that i confuse about how to do it? I will need to rs485 module to sent data from one to other and the second to sent it via an rs232 module to pc? IS this the case?
In the attached circutry (its from a USB to rs485 converter), what could cause the driver SP485 to burn? I know a high voltage on the A and B wires could probably burn the SP485, but could for example a high load such as a terminal resistor placed between A and B also cause it to become overheated? Any other suggestions? (...)
hi guys, I'm trying to create a converter which convert rs485 signal to USB signal using PIC18F25K50. In other words, whatever I received on the rs485 side, I will straightaway transmit it out through the USB port. I will describe my application. I have a device A and a device B which both using rs485 to (...)
Greetings EveryBody! I AM USING: I am using B&B Electronics RS232 to rs485 converter (Model 485COSR, datasheet attached), for conversion it has MAX491 type full duplex IC in it and I connected this conerter with Computer via RS232 and on the other hand in my circuits LTC485 is used. WHAT I DID (...)
Hi, I am new to this area , can anyone please help me in how to interface a PC and a PIC16F877A using rs485 line and the protocol being followed is MODBUS. As far as I studied modbus is an half duplex but in many posts the pic is being configured using the uart which is a full duplex ? can some one explain how it is being done (...)
Thanks Mr. kulkarni, Now I can interfacing with the EAPL's EMS17 modbus energy meter and the PIC using their rs485 converter (EA232/485). I want to avoid the converter and use MAX485 IC instead of the converter (it Costs nearly Rs.2600 while MAX484 costs Rs.25) I tried MAX485 (...)
Dear all, Can some one share me the circuit diagram for connecting ttl to RS 485 and RS232 using max 485 and max 232 IC
Hi i am developing a system based on modbus protocol.Master side is PC and slave are some other devices.I will need here an rs232 to rs485 converter b/w PC and slave devices.I know that i can connect 255 slave devices with 1 master. My question is that can i use 1 rs232 to rs485 converter (...)
First check development kit documents of the CP21XX. for minimal implementation of RS-232 which uses only Rx and Tx you will need only a Phy. like MAX232. also for RS-485, a line driver/receiver IC like MAX485 is all you need. maxim and analog devices have several interface (RS232 and rs485) products. BEST
Hello everyboday, I'm new here. We supply TTL/RS232/rs485 to WiFi modules, welcome your visiting.
Hi, Ive got a USB to rs485 converter for PC and trying to communicate with PIC16f887. I am trying to simulate in Proteus, Here is my Schematic: 77535 Here is my Code unsigned char ch; void InitUsart(void) { // TX Pin - output TRISC=0b01000000; TRISD=0b00000000; PORTD=
Hello everyone, I am new this forum. I would like to get some advice in designing an Ethernet to rs485 converter. I have a current module that works on RS232 to rs485 and it controls my Data Acquisition and Servo Motor Control Modules. All the modules were design in-house so i have the drivers (...)
The system consists of two components: processor PIC18F2455 and circuit MAX1480. MAX1480 has fully optocoupled interface for rs485, additionally reinforced by transils. On 5-pin connector there are doubled signals, so if the p
You DEFINITELY don't want a cap there. For rs485 you need a terminating resistor, but not a cap.
Hello, This is my first post in the forum and i am honored to join the forum to be the start to learning the electronics. My problem in brevity i have barcode reader connect by rs232 i want to do I connect it to a distance of up to 150 meters for that i Decided convert it to rs485 and back it again to rs232 been used this (...)
device is 3in1 converter: USB ? RS232, rs485 and UART. A fully dedicated system FT232RL acts as the converter. It is seen in the system as a COM port, and is assisted by two MAX232 and MAX485 systems. Any settings of the converter can be made through the system as it is in a norm
The system has RS-232 outputs in TTL and V.24 versions with all signals, what means DCD, RX, TX, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI. FT232RL system provides signal conversion USB-RS232 TTL. MAX235 system from MAXIMA samples is