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I note that you call the rs485 initialisation library function after you have set the RXIE bit to 1. Are you sure that the function is not clearing the RXIE bit? In other words, can you see the actual source code for the function? Alternatively, can use use a debugger to set a breakpoint before and after the function call to verify that the RXIE bi
Hello, I am having an rs485 communication problem between two pic microcontrollers for a long time, and I couldnt solve it. Actually, it is working, but after a while (10 minutes to more than one day) some unexpected data changes happen. There is no hardware problems. Previously it could hang after working similar periods. I have reduced these by
Hi, I would like to send and receive data between two PIC24F microcontrollers via rs485. Here i'm using SP3485 IC. I've set one microcontroller as transmitter and another one has receiver. My microcontroller has 4 uart. One of the uart(here i use UART4) is connected with rs485 IC(SP3485) for both. As usual data pins 'A' to 'A' and 'B' to 'B'
hi, I designed rs485 bus by ADM3073 full duplex driver, but I have bad problem, when I use one slave and one master every things OK but when I use it for 2 slave I have problem and I don't receive data from one slave, my code is OK and I test my boards whitout rs485 driver and every things OK but when I use this IC one slave data missed. (...)
Sir, I am using spartan 3e kit. I have rs485 voltage converter ic for communication between fpga and pc. Sir, can you give me the vhdl code for UART (rs485 protocol) or how can write vhdl program for it ? Please sir give me the idea for the problem mentioned above. Regards, Akshay B. Patil
Hi, I am having a H&T sensor with rs485 interface. The website is useless regarding the documentation. Any idea how to interface this device with Windows and Linux system? The webpage for the product is here: Thanks.
Dear dany803, Can You be more specific about your needs? I really do not understand what you need.... rs485 is physics not protocol. Protocol is something else (You have some protocol which runs on rs485 link...). Best regards, Mr.Cube
dear all I have a code in FPGA that transmits data via RS232. Now I have to send this data at 1Km distance. I think rs485 will do this job. My question is that will my code for RS232 work for rs485, and second what are the changes I should made at receiver end where I am using a PC. Thanks to all members in advance.
I'm doing rs485 communication consists of one master and one slave, using CCS C, people who have the sample code for my reference to
hi i am using atmel microcontroller use of code vision avr + proteus . i am going to use rs485 protocol. so i need the coding for that, any one give me that? thanks
i have a problem in rs485 communication with keyboard as the i/p (ps2) ...the o/p i get has a great delay...i use it to run h bridge...motors take about 3- 5 seconds running after i remove the i/p from the keyboard and sometimes there is no delay at stops immideatly if i push the last button again...this is the code on mikroc ,i am using
Hello here is my hardware interface between PC and my Microcontroller(MCU) ( this board transfer and recived data in RS232 and send a 40bytes string (for example "A12132146544654589546424649120540371964454B" + enter ascii code) to PC via MCU in each 200mili second and it s
Hi I have 8 analog channels in atmega128 to read. I want to read these values and send them to master when requested (using rs485 4-wire and MODBUS protocol) part of my circuit is attached 82242 I think I have to wait for a call from master in my code (I am going to use codevisionAVR); so I'd like to set my ADC settings
Hi, Ive got a USB to rs485 converter for PC and trying to communicate with PIC16f887. I am trying to simulate in Proteus, Here is my Schematic: 77535 Here is my code unsigned char ch; void InitUsart(void) { // TX Pin - output TRISC=0b01000000; TRISD=0b00000000; PORTD=
I have a problem in serial communication between At89s52 micro controllers. I thought to use rs485 for connecting more devices in network. for testing I connect two controller alone. I assume one as a master and another as slave. If I initiate transmission from master it reaches slave correctly. And when I write a code for slave to response maste
Hello, I' using MikroC example of code for rs485 communication between one Master and one Slave. It's work well. However, i'm trying now with two Slaves, One Master and i have problem. After serveral secondes (between 2seconds and 10seconds), i enter in my error if() on Master. if (dat) { UART_Set_Active(&UART2_Read, &UAR
.. or any way to connect 18f458 to computer throw rs485 The MikroC Pro Library has RS-485 Routines to implement a RS-485 Interface. Reference: MikroC Pro Compiler User Manual RS-485 Master code Example char dat; // buffer for receving/sending messages char i,j; sbit r
Hello, I need to estimate the code size of my project to decide upon MCU to be used. At present moment I have following inputs about the project 1. 128x64 LCD for display. 2. Temperature sensor interface using MCU ADC. 3. one external intr triggering circuit. 4. Transfer the data using rs485. 5. three key keypad to configure setting.
Hello I intend to make a master / slave rs485 communication between 2 pic micros. I found a example about how to make this in mikroE compiler help, then I edited few lines in it to suit my application. The problem that the micros do not perform the supposed logic of the code. Master code: char dat; // buffer fo
Hi all, How to implement rs485 communication between PC and PIC micro controller. I have used MAX485 to convert RX and TX signal to D+ and D-. In PC side rs485 to RS232 converter is used. I think the hardware part is ok.. How to write a C code for communication between microcontroller and PIC . #include #include
regards i am using a rs 485 communication and befor switching the enable line thats on PC5 i have to check so that a current operation (recieve transmit doent affect) for swithing from transmit to recive i have to check TXC flag and i implement that as follw while ((UCSR0A & (1 << TXC)) == 0){}; PORTC&=~0x20; // start recieving
Thats really your RS232 to rs485 full or half duplex?
hi friends! i wanted to implement rs485 communication b/w an avr and a pc.. the reason being distance up to 50 m b/w the two.. i am using the max485 ic, being the first time for such project wanted help and guidence.. i have a rs232-485 converter that i am going to use. as far as my thw knowledge i have upto now is that aprt from being half dupl
I want to connect 4 or 5 SIM300C GSM module with my PC RS232 port at a time and send them the AT command individually to controlled each module. I am thinking rs485 is the right way. But i have no experience about rs485. Can someone help me with the schematic and the sample code. I can able to connect a single modem with PC serial p
google rs422 or rs485 protocol.
Project : controlling 8 PIC16F877A through PC via rs485 sending and receiving through PC Rs232. Problem: On rs485 data transfer between master and slave controllers are perfect but now i want to send data from terminal via RS232 comport to master and try to pass on this code to slaves one, and result send back on to master then t
Hello, I am trying to do rs 485 communication with PC as a slave and my PIC micro controller as master and after that vice versa. I've successfully achieved USART communication. I've read data sheet of my IC MAX 1482. It requires some pins to be high and low in order to enable communication, but I didn't get output. I want to ask that Is it pos
Could anyone give me a link of an rs485 sample protocol implemented in C.
Actually, you may need rs485 instead. RS232, RS422 is peer-to-peer rs485 can do master-slave communication with 2-3 wires.
Hi, Much simplier to use a 16F628 or similar with built in USART and use an rs485 transceiver like MAX487. Than all u have to do is send and receive with the USART and control the direction with MAX's T/R pin (Transmit/Receive). Zed
Hi, I'm working now on designing a control network over rs485 I have three questions 1-I'll use max3082E or max3060E (half duplex, 1/8unit load, slew rate limited, 15kv protection, 5v). any one here has a good or bad experience with this chip? 2-I want to distribute power over rs485, how can this be done ? 3-How rs485 repeater (...)
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rs485_RX.bas '*************************************************** '***** mbyka - (c) Copyright 2002 ********** '*************************************************** ' rs485 comminications 'TX include "modedefs.bas" datap var porta.0 dir var porta.1 'dir=1 then output, dir=0 then input led1 var portb.0 led2
I want to do a rs485 network, based in SNAP protocol with PIC'S 16F84A. If somebody know could help with information, I'm agree. Thanks