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My project consist of a VB6 app, a serial to rs485 converter & a number of slave controllers with unique ID. The converter I am using is full duplex. 2 lines for sending & 2 for receiving. MAX232 & MAX488 are used in the converter. The program sends the slave ID with 9th bit set (i.e. Mark parity). The (...)
Hello everyboday, I'm new here. We supply TTL/RS232/rs485 to WiFi modules, welcome your visiting.
Hi, Ive got a USB to rs485 converter for PC and trying to communicate with PIC16f887. I am trying to simulate in Proteus, Here is my Schematic: 77535 Here is my Code unsigned char ch; void InitUsart(void) { // TX Pin - output TRISC=0b01000000; TRISD=0b00000000; PORTD=
Hello everyone, I am new this forum. I would like to get some advice in designing an Ethernet to rs485 converter. I have a current module that works on RS232 to rs485 and it controls my Data Acquisition and Servo Motor Control Modules. All the modules were design in-house so i have the drivers and PCB boards for all of them. It is getting (...)
The system consists of two components: processor PIC18F2455 and circuit MAX1480. MAX1480 has fully optocoupled interface for rs485, additionally reinforced by transils. On 5-pin connector there are doubled signals, so if the p
You DEFINITELY don't want a cap there. For rs485 you need a terminating resistor, but not a cap.
All new computers have only USB ports, with no COM, LPT nor PS/2. Using FT232RL, you can easily make an adapter USB to RS232, RS422, rs485 as well as implement several unusual operations. Presented converter has the following
Hello, This is my first post in the forum and i am honored to join the forum to be the start to learning the electronics. My problem in brevity i have barcode reader connect by rs232 i want to do I connect it to a distance of up to 150 meters for that i Decided convert it to rs485 and back it again to rs232 been used this converter like this
device is 3in1 converter: USB ? RS232, rs485 and UART. A fully dedicated system FT232RL acts as the converter. It is seen in the system as a COM port, and is assisted by two MAX232 and MAX485 systems. Any settings of the converter can be made through the system as it is in a norm
The system has RS-232 outputs in TTL and V.24 versions with all signals, what means DCD, RX, TX, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI. FT232RL system provides signal conversion USB-RS232 TTL. MAX235 system from MAXIMA samples is
please give me some details of usb to rs232, rs422 and rs485 converter applicable in military field.
Isolated rs485 is commonly used and required by some industrial interface standards, e.g. PROFIBUS. You'll need three fast optocoupler or similar digital isolators and a DC/DC converter or separated transformer winding for an isolated supply.
Hi all, How to implement rs485 communication between PC and PIC micro controller. I have used MAX485 to convert RX and TX signal to D+ and D-. In PC side rs485 to RS232 converter is used. I think the hardware part is ok.. How to write a C Code for communication between microcontroller and PIC . #include #include
Simple make rs485-RS232 converter. Use google, you can find a lot schematics. try: RS232<=>rs485<=>RS422 converters There you can find lots schematics for converter. Mr.Cube
hi, i want to develop a rs232 to rs485 converter, i found a schematic here- on this is my 1st post,nt allowed to post direct links...) they seem to hav implemented auto enable control using a transistor based circuitry, but no explanation is provided... so plz can any1 explain how the auto enabl control is implement
Any microprocessor available on the market, equipped with an ethernet controller, or using an already built-in interface can do the job. So the decision should be made based on existing knowlege and available software components, e.g. network drivers. Some manufacturers have development kits containing the complete hardware platform for the project
you may see this link M/s Sunrom has an item that might help advancing on your own version. In the same link you would fine a full duplex version also. USB to rs485 converter - 2 Wire Half Duplex : Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development
Peace be to all, I am working on interfacing 14 slave controllers to a master via rs485 (full duplex). The querry is that which IC to use and the schematic of TTL to rs485 (full duplex) converter to interface b/w avr and rs485. thanking in anticipation
hi friends! i wanted to implement rs485 communication b/w an avr and a pc.. the reason being distance up to 50 m b/w the two.. i am using the max485 ic, being the first time for such project wanted help and guidence.. i have a rs232-485 converter that i am going to use. as far as my thw knowledge i have upto now is that aprt from being half dupl
Dear Members, I have a rs485 TO Ethernet converter. With the help of this converter, i want to take data from device which have rs485 port (modbus RTU) and display the data on winccFlexible (Siemens SCADA Software) through Ethernet port. My question is, can i use any type of rs485 to Ethernet (...)