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Hai, Iam doing a project in which i have connect 10 to 15 Micro Controllers to one PC. so i have used rs232 to rs484 converter at PC and ds75176 ant each Micro Controllers. I have a question that is that possible. and while the 1st MC send data to PC at the same time if MC2 and some other MC's are send different data to PC then the PC can t
I think at first you should convert the RS232 to TTL level by using an integrated chip such as MAX232 then use ADM485 chip to convert TTL level to rs485.
Hi I need to convert my data protocol from I2c to rs485 I used this circuit and simulated this in proteus but it doesn't use this circuit for my sda and scl in both side of my network (Master and slaves) my master and slaves are ATMEGA32 a
Hello, I am trying to do rs 485 communication with PC as a slave and my PIC micro controller as master and after that vice versa. I've successfully achieved USART communication. I've read data sheet of my IC MAX 1482. It requires some pins to be high and low in order to enable communication, but I didn't get output. I want to ask that Is it pos
Hi friends I need sematic cable dvx021 or simpl converter rs232 to rs485
simple introduction of rs-485 protocols, and RS232 to rs485 converter related information on this page. Expansion of Input and Output (I/O) Lines of a micro-controller and method of communications, please
Expansion of Input and Output (I/O) Lines of a micro-controller and method of communications, please have look on this. and RS232 to rs485 converter related information on this page. simple in
hi to all im interfacing the controller with a device which ll collects data from GPS receiver and converts it into rs485 format. my interfacing is made through a converter IC 26ls32(converts rs485-rs232) the prob is if i place the cable(b/w the device and my module) among heavy distribution lines due to some matching with those heavy (...)
1)what does +exc and -exc stand for, i think you are referring to supply +ve and -ve 2)what is the signal type? if the +signal and -signal are rs485 signals then you can hook it up to your rs232 port, if the signal is in analog form then you need an A/D converter and a microcontroller and an IC like MAX232 to interface the sensor to computer
Hi, you can use a rs485 bus to transmit at that distance. Just plug the PC to a RS232-to-rs485 converter, and at the other side do the opposite. You can achieve great distances with a rs485 bus.
Or look at
Very simple. Use FT232 chip for USB to serial (TTL) conversion. Use SN75176 for rs485. FT232 supports direction control for RX and TX. Dowanload datasheets for these two for reference.
pls check.
Im using MOXA's RS232 to rs485 port powered converter connected to my computer using a RS232 cable and i am supposed to send a byte/signal to it using hyperteminal but i do not know how?? ive configured my hyperteminal... its jus blank any1 could help mi?? thx in advance
Hi, I have made a RS232 to rs485 converter , circuit is taken from control.html But the Modbus device using rs485 is not available now . So to test the converter I have made two converters and RS232 of both
realizes sensor-to-host signal acquisition for testing analog signal or remote applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog input, analog output, and digital I/O,ISO40xx series are widely used in RS-232/485 automation control system,temperature signal testing,small signal testing, Monitoring & Control, r
i made a 4-20ma to rs485 converter module,but it can't work well,pls check and give me some suggestion. Thanks.
Hi all, I m in need of designing the rs485 which should be connected with micro controller, and i should transfer that converted data into PC. For that i have to design a RS232 converter from rs485 input. anyone can please give me the idea while designing rs485 by using MAX485 IC. Thanks, Ragu.
A simple RJ45 to DE9 cable won't work, you need a converter like the ones found here.
hi i am new to this field of electronics.i am presently using a sensor which has to be interfaced to the pc using rs485 protocol(I am not sure if i can call it a protocol but neway!) i need the connections of rs485 line(A(-),B(+) and GND ) with the serial port(DB9). thanks ------ Abhishek