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Please help me how can I eliminate the ground noise, I've built a preamp (see the attached schematic) and it's on the same PCB as a MAX487 rs485 converter. Same V+, preamp uses V- too. 5V) It's working fine, but if I start to send bytes to a client trough rs485 the preamp get's all the byte change noise. (through the GND line i think) (...)
Dear ALL, Does anyone can help me about interfacing multi 8052 via serial communication... I know it's possible with mode 2/3 serial comm, but how about bus connection? Did you mean any serial interface? Then just add rs485 converter and you will get RS-485 network. BTW, some uC have special mode of serial I/O port
I think the fastest is to use a Cypress USB chip and a RS232 to rs485 converter. Problem with the windows drivers though. Does WinXP have a USB serial port driver as standard? ASIC Just a note... if you DESIGN something, you draw the schematic by yourself. If you copy, or build, or assembly something, you probably get the schematic from
Link with bootloader: . For the rs485 might you use an RS232/rs485 converter with the 485 DE pin driven by a timing circuit that put in the receiver mode after a bit timing slot.
Probably this help you, it is in Italian.. good luck :roll:
IIC to rs485 converter