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hi frnds here i have a problem - how data write and read in rtc (ds1304) . micro controller is at89s52 is used... how can i write and read data from ds1307 .? and is there any assembly code for it... thanx..
I have some assembly code that I wrote a while ago for a PIC16F628A. It is a temperature logger than interfaces to an rtc and a temperature sensor over I2C. It has been at least 5 years since I have even read this code and I don't remember a lot of it. However, I was able to locate it and put it up as a gist. It isn't (...)
Which rtc you plan to Use? Which Language, assembly or C ?
Hi, Have not used that chip, done my own rtc using Timer1 instead. Have a look at Maxims Pic example are lots of tips in the forum, just search on 'ds1307' Some other sites using assembler -
Hi, Friends My rtc clock with DS1307 and PIC16F877A as a master I2C using 16*2 LCD is working ok now i want an indication of AM/PM in LCD so requested friends that how to write code in assembly.I have written 0x71 in hour location of ds1307 for 11pm and 12 Hrs mode and read hours are storing in TEMP Resistor and displaying the hour value usin
I need to display only the time on the lcd ..can any one give me the code for this in assembly language. iam using at89s52 microcontroller and Ds1307 rtc. Regards Vijay Kumar
hi, i'm new here please i need help on how to interface ds1307 to p16f877 & get it display date & time on an lcd. i'm using mplab ide & the assembly code for that is highly needed! please anyone help, it's urgent thank you
well, i'm a little confuse about how to set the real time in rtc by assembly code that i want.... 'coz from i read , we have to set the time before we use ds1307... If someone has the code, could you show it in this topic?? it will great if commented...thank you RGDS jandreas
The DS1307 is not a microcontroller, it's a rtcC that uses I2C for communications. Try the Philips site for I2C documentation or the Dalsemi site should have examples.
hi.. Does anyone know where can i find C code or assembly code for interfacing DS1302(rtc) with PIC18F2550?? I need help!
there are i think over 200 rtc maxim chips ive personaly written 5 for proteus vsm what one??? some two some three or more wire comms wtf do you mean help ?? with asm i think what you wanted to post was " will someone who is also an idiot but knows far more than me do my donkey work for me i cant be bothered and just ask
help me with the c code for interfacing rtc 1307 with 89c51. i want to design a multi event alarm clock. thanks in advance