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Rtc ds1307 With 8051

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First you read and understand the I2C protocol.Ten you will understand how to read the time from rtc.Then just compare the codes given above and try to understand what it is actually doing.. Regards Sajeev
I have working circuit with 8051-micro and ds1307 rtc. Every second it transmits time and date via serial port in the ASCII format. What I need to do is to add 0.1s time base so it sends time and date not every secon but every 0.1s and time format should look like this: hh:mm:ss.x Where can I have this 0.1s from?
The ds1307 is not a microcontroller, it's a rtcC that uses I2C for communications. Try the Philips site for I2C documentation or the Dalsemi site should have examples.
Hiii, I am working on a board which has the rtc and working with AT89s52 chip. I downloaded some sample codes from the net for rtc but could get anyting which works. have any of you come across any rtc code which works? Thanks Adhiteev
what type of rtc are u using? is it on serial bus,I2C or what?
I am sure, here is interfacing rtc (ds1307) with 8051 Link:
I use ds1307 as rtc intercing with 8051.
My hardware consist in cpu 89c52 rtc ds1307 adc max147 mem st 24c08 connections pins 1,3,7 to gnd and pin 1 to vdd address write 164 decimal and address read 165 decimal software compiled with BASCOM 8051. My project working good with this configuration. Now I want to increase memory. I (...)