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hello, This picture show a LCD display with an I2C interface probably a PCF8754 so the dialogue is trought I2C Bus 2 wires SCL & SDA + power supply => 4 wires PIC12F1822 is a dip8 MCU ! i suppose the PIC12F1822 use I2C Bus to dialogue with rtc DS1307 and LCD ( with 2 wires) what is your question ?
I'm facing a problem in driving the rtc Ds12887 with AT89C51ED2 anyone here ready for help
Why don't you download the referenced project listed on page 53, with code to interface the I2C module? This is a two-step process: First you need to get the general I2C interface driver going, and then to make the appropriate function layer to talk to the rtc. Without knowing, I would suppose the first part is covered in (...)
Here is my 8 pin PIC12F clock. Still 70% of ROM is free. Will try to add more features. Will soon add a I2C temperature sensor and many more I2C devices and make a feature rich device. Will try to make another clock with DS3231 which is a better rtc. 8-)
Hi.. I am trying to interface DS1307 with PIC. I am trying to do that in Proteus first and then planning to implement in hardware. In my proteus model, rtc is working fine for 130 seconds exactly. After that, rtc is resetting to the time I set. Can anyone here pls throw some light on this weird problem.? I will be grateful if you can (...)
i interface DS1337 rtc with FPGA but i got 2 sec increment on LCD display, so what should i do to recognise 1 sec increment.
hi i m trying to interface DS1307 with AT89S51 but the problem is, i successfully write the time in rtc but fail to read. i checked on proteus. i use this protocol for reading start (release start bit) device add. (send device add. #0D0h) get byte (send clock only and get data fomr rtc) stop (release stop (...)
My datalogging system which consits of the Flora, rtc, SD card breakout board, LSM9DS0 sensor is shown in the picture below; The sampling rate/s is capped at 30 when writing into the sd card. If I disable the sensor and only save the time it goes up to 65. Writing into the serial interface rather than the sd card makes the rate goes up even high
Yes, I use Arduino IDE and libraries. The program loops from 1 to 128 and check returned value of Wire.endTransmission(). I get those addresses 0x20 PCA9555D (IO Expander) 0x38 PCF8574 (IO Expander) 0x48 ADS1115 (ADC) 0x49 ADS1115 (ADC) 0x50 EEPROM 64KB 0x51 EEPROM 64KB two devices are missing DS1307 rtc sho
Carlos, your request does not define the hardware, software, your limitations or interface equipment. The relevance to an rtc which has only volatile 31 bytes of static RAM and thus nothing to copy, adds to the mystery. Can you clarify your needs with background info, photos and ensure there is no Intellectual Property violation? In short how
these days we tend to use FRAM such as I2C interface - it also has an rtc
Define smart watch and what you want in your smart watch a little bit better. You can do a rtc circuit and a digital interface pretty easily or you can do more of a hardware driven solution.
Hi All, I am trying to interface rtc(DS1307 WITH I2C ) with pic24fj128ga010, somewhere i m doing mistake but i m not getting where please can any one find wt i m doing wrong and help me please.. here is my code #include #include #define FCY 16000000 _CONFIG1( JTAGEN_OFF & GCP_OFF & GWRP_OFF & CO
See if you can find any rtc PCF 8563 ASM code here.
Hai, How to enable the clock output for rtc(8563) interfacing with 89C52. I need the coding for this.Please give suggestion. Thanks in Advance
Help us in Interfacing of EEPROM ,rtc, 4-BIT Lcd With Microcontroller, plz provide us codes too........:roll::roll::roll:
The other choices you have linked to would be either a different interface e.g. SPI instead of I2C and different sizes - the one you have is 256k bit. So, you could use a different interface, but if you are using I2C for the rtc you may as well use that for the EEPROM. You could use a larger or smaller EEPROM depending on how much storage (...)
Please can any give me code to display time on lcd using rtc 12c887 using ATmega32 microcontroller.... rattan.
Hi, The datasheet for that chip shows the program flow and timing diagrams for communicating with a micro. It used its own serial communications convention so you will have to write all your own Pic communications code. Assembler or C ? The more popular Maxim DS1307 rtc chip uses a standard I2C interface, though you near obselete F84 chip
first of all you should have knowledge of how to interface lcd, rtc to pic. rtc communicate via i2c protocol. lcd has special commands to interface. Programming is done on Mplab ide or any other compiler. Have u done some work on pic before? initially try simple interfacing of lcd, rtc etc. on pic (...)