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Describe correctly This CTRL block is written in both Verilog-A and Verilog-D code. when I perform an spectre simulation The ADC_testbench simulation is running okay,It can't be true. cadence spectre can not treat Verilog-D. but when try to run it on AM
Hello, I'm trying to run dc and ac simulation for my layout,using cadence and TSMC65. The output performance are poor, and i'm not sure it's because a bad design, or simulating problem. while running the simulation, the following warnings pops on the spectre.out file: Notice from (...)
Apply a linear ramp to gate in a transient simulation, calculator Q=integral (i(gate)) C=Q*v(gate) plot C with x axis changed to v(gate) Or run a parametric analysis stepping gate and set C=op(cgg)
40 x 14-bit counters makes 560 bits. 2 to that power generates a number so large that my scientific calculator simply displays 'E'. No wonder the simulations need to run for such a long time. Instead, try starting with one or two IC's. See if the simulation works okay. Then add IC's, one at a time.
These are spectre simulator options for setting accuracy of the simulation. See page 142 from For normal circuit we can run in moderate mode but for circuits like ADC/DACs & PLLs where accuracy matters its advices to run in conservative even if its take more time to r
Hello! I cant plot waveform while simulating in cadence virtuoso IC 6.1.5 via spectre. When I initiate Netlist and run (green button), these are the results: Delete psf data in /home/eda/simulation/R_div/spectre/schematic/psf. generate netlist... Begin Incremental Netlisting Apr 6 23:23:36 (...)
When I run simulation in cadence spectre, I can run trans mode but cannot run pss. The error I attached. Please help me solve this problem.Thanks
Hi, I have a testbench-schematic for an If I start cadence and open this schematic and ADE GXL with the related adexl view and I run the simulation everything is alright. But if I subsequently "Check a
I am using cadence 5.1.41 with NCSU CDK 1.5.1, and I am new to cadence. I have created a simple schematic in Virtuoso. When I try to simulate the schematic using Analog Design Environment (ADE) and spectre simulator, I got the following error. *Error* Errors encountered during simulation. The simulator (...)
Hi everyone, I'm using cadence with the NCSU DK and when i run the DC simulation the software doesn't succed in creating the netlist. The error message is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Error found by spectre during circuit read-in. input.scs: M0 is an istance of an (...)
Hi, You can do it from dc analysis. In sweep parameters choose the "component parameter" position, like this: 88817 run simulation and now you can plot transconductance curve vs w or l of transistor.
When I use the cadence spectre to run the "hb" simulation for 1dB-compression point of a receiver front-end, an error is encounted. The simulation--output log gives the error information as follows: Fatal error found by spectre at time=201.784ns during periodic steady state analysis, (...)
Please Tell me can i run cadence Virrtuoso in windows environment?? No, you can't.
Normally a process variable should have a nominal value, a 3 sigma low value, a 3 sigma high value. MC simulation will use these values to find circuit response while process variables are statistically varied. If you process block doesn't have these definitions, MC won't run..
Hi I am using spectre for simulations. Would it possible for me to run transient analysis with initial condition chosen form "at some point" from previous transient analysis. To make it clear : I am trying to simulate a 60+GHz oscillator, its simulating fine but there is a phase shift of oscillations for each successive (...)
Are you saying that you will type-in the netlist in text editor? Or how do you make the netlist? I mean - did this before for smaller circuits but what is missing is the link between schematic and netlist and consequently layout. The fact they don't use it does not mean you can't (unless they do not have the license to run it). You could gain some
I run transient state simulation in cadence ADE with spectre. it generated the result in the folder of named : my_test/spectre/schematic/psf/(netlist in :my_test/spectre/schematic/netlist/) the result file is namded tran.tran.trn. and I activate the spice explore in the psf floder or (...)
Hi All, I am doing DC simulation in spectre for my amplifier.But I get this error,in spectre.out Internal error found in spectre. Please run 'getspectreFiles' etc... Error detected in file 'ipsm.c' at line 219 Assertion failed. Has anyone seen this issue?Please help. Thanks and (...)
Hi, I am trying to run ocean script using 65nm STmicro process. It seems to run fine till it encounters the simulation part and there it gives the following error ERROR (SFE-675): "/cadtools/cadence/PSG/DesignKits/STM/cmos065_522DK_cmos065lpgp_RF_7m4x0y2z_2V51V8_5.2.2/DATA/spectre/CORNERS/common_poly.scs" (...)
Hello everyone I am working TFT AMOLED circuit design. According to Virtuoso? Simulator Circuit Components and Device Models Manual Product Version 7.1.1 June 2009, cadence spectre and UltraSim simulators support RPI TFT model. The equations of RPI TFT models are listed in the above file. I created the model card (.scs) for TFT