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This construction was based on an old tube [url=obrazki.elektroda
It is a tube amplifier push-pull in Ultra Linear system. It was modified ? there is additional tone adjustment system, described below:www
It is an acoustic tube amplifier based on popular and easily available tubes ECC83 and
This is a description of simple and cheap construction of a stereo tube amplifier. This device was based on 6P14P ? stronger counterparts of well known el84 and additional tube with two triodes ? ECC85. In order to meet the assum
It is a tube guitar amplifier of own construction. Preamplifier was inspired by Soldano Atomic on two duotriodes 6N2P. Power amplifier was based on pentode el84. Transformers: TS40/14/676 and TG2,5/1/666. Firstly
The guitar was based on a neck of an old classical guitar. Also popular 5W amplifier based on ECC83 and el84 was home made. The effect is Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. The guitar body was cut of 3 glued dried pine boards. The ne
It's a single ended vacuum tube amplifier works in clear A class on two pentodes el84 and one double 6n2p triode ( russion equivalent of ECC83). Amplifier with casing, transformers and details e.g. potentiometers are based on