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7107/7106 types of dig meter ics are widely used.For these types,the capacitor responsible for integrating seems to be the culprit. digital meters are based on integrating type with counting for zeroing the values internally. But Wavetek may have different one . still the principle is same.
Hi i have a digital multimeter Agilent 34410A 6 1/2 Digit multimeter. I know its a particularly high accuracy multimeter, but i want to specify its accuracy in a test report. Usually DMM dc accuracy statement is like for eg: 5V Range,0.025%+2 (DC Specifications) But for this model it is stated like below (...)
As a first step, you want to find out the implemented type of interface. Digit display suggests a multiplex LCD interface which involves multilevel signals, no easily to tap with a microcontroller.
Hi, I am looking for a cheap digital multimeter with RS 232 or USB interface. The features I require are 1. DC voltage measurement 2. AC voltage (upto 600 VAC) 3. DC current range, 2,20,200 ma Could anyone suggest a suitable meter... thanks a
Hello everyone, i have a digital multimeter DT9250, so yesterday i was firing a fire with a lighter (Electric Lighter), and i was concerned about the electricity in produce to make the spark :oops: .... So i dissassemble it, i bring my digital multimeter, i put it in the highest DC voltage and i test it .... However it (...)
Hi! I have a FLUKE 85 III True RMS multimeter. With the following DCV specification "Accuracy ... ? ( + ) For model 87 in the 4?-digit mode, multiply the number of least significant digits (counts) by 10." "Display: digital: 4000 counts updates 4/sec; (Model 87 also has 19,999 counts in 4?
Reference existing thread: hi I need kaise sk6111 circuit pic or schematic for repair this digital multitester - I need 1 pic from front and back of this multimeter
Hi. Guys I need a little help. I am supposed to work with the Tektronix DMM-912 TruRMS digital multimeter. The problem is that Tektronix has discontinued its line of these handheld multimeters. So I am only left with an option to look for an alternative. I have searched an really liked FLUKE. But this is way expensive. Kindly suggest me (...)
hi, Most AC meters are scaled in RMS, which is 0.707 * Vpeak. E
Hi I have had a problem with ceramic capacitors shorting out (voltage peak too much over rating). I found out that I can easily detect a it by measuring resistance and if its some ohm then its shorted. But my question would be what effects the resistance reading of the capacitor? Sometimes I get a fluxuating resistance that settles at 28kohm af
want to take the field digital inputs using opto-coupler 4n35 as i have show in the above schmatic. But such arrangement is not working with Atmega8 in the Real hardware. I don't know the reason...actually when i check with multimeter. when the led source is on the PIN5 reads 60mv and when the led so
You might consider auto-ranging, based on readings. Rather than switch duration. Also consider analog errors from stray magnetic current on high impedance of ADC loop and ensure smallest loop at 90 deg angle relative to current flow. Do you change CT and load ( burden R) and also change fixed shunt resistor too ? change scales? Just askin
Without doing any research, I am assuming that the Arduino is talking to Labview vis the USB port as a serial device? If that is the case you need to have a few layers of hardware and software to do this. 1.) Reading the current and voltage --You can read AC current with either a shunt resistor or a hall effect sensor. I am thinking the hall effe
usually there is a buzzer in there somewhere - maybe a faulty buzzer
probably if your resistance is high the LED will not glow.
Hi. I have a Spartan 3 50AN FPGA on my board. Sometimes when I turn on power supply, FPGA doesn't start untill digital input would change or I hit a conductor e.g GND on board by oscope or multimeter probe. I have no idea why this happens.
Hi, I'm looking for a Service Manual / Schematics for FETVOM HC-5050DB. User Manual also of interest! (HUNG CHANG, VOLTCRAFT or CONRAD make..) Any suggestions? - Please let me know! :smile: Regards // wyatt
set your digital multimeter on diode check mode & connect Red probe to sim holders GND(pin5) touch black probe to holders other pins one by one it will have to show reading 700 to 900 on meter if not there is mistake in connection also check shorting simcard holders pins on module side sim900A shows same reading with other pins expect Gnd,
like the others said, it can not be done. The main problem I would see is that the transistor would oscillate even if you could get a reading with a multimeter--rendering that reading meaningless. If you need to test it, I would recommend making a microwave test fixture. The gate and drain would need DC blocking series capacitors and 50 ohm t
Hi my multimeter has a voltage and a mA/A plug. I am trying to find out how much instantaneous current can a homemade battery supply. How can i measure this with the digital multimeter? What procedure?
My multimeter, DT830B digital multimeter, is giving a negative average of -3 volts by default that means that even without connecting the leads it reads a negative number. The only part of the multimeter that dosen't appear to have the bias is the ohms reading ... When I connect it to a 9 volts battery, it reads 6 volts (...)
I have RTD,THERMOCOUPLE and THERMISTOR. I want to identify this three only using digital multimeter.. how can i do this???
where are you? I suspect the more global brands might be more expensive then you like at this stage a digital meter is more 'accurate' but an analog can be more useful if the voltage/current is changing
Hi , I have got few digital pot ICs MAX5161 Ics for controlling the current to the dc load . (I have attached my ckt) . Resistance across the H and L increases when I operate with INC and up/down pins when I measured using multimeter , but if I connect my load no current will flow to the load .. Pls help me to find out where I have gone wro
Consider the below circuit with 28V supply and electronic load set at 5A Constant Current mode. What voltage drop would I expect when I connect a digital multimeter between A & B ? V(AB1)= V(R6)+V(R8)+V(R9) What voltage drop would I expect when I connect a digital multimeter between C & D ? V(CD1)= (...)
Is the inut "LO" terminal of the Keithley 2000 digital meter connected to earth ground? If the front/back panel description isn't clear enough (I wonder if it could actually be), there's a text explanation in the user manual for you: The maximum common-mode voltage (voltage between INPUT LO and the chassis ground) is 500V pe
Hi everyone, there is a project I am doing and it requires encorporating a module of digital multimeter to measure and display electrical quantities at some points. Normally the digital multimeter has been provided with a battery head so that it can be powered by a battery, but I want to remove the battery head and power the (...)
Standard 8051 dont have ADC, you should use ADC IC with 8051 uC or you can use newer generation of 8051 with builtin ADC. What you want to measure, you say just multimeter. This can be anything, from amperage, voltage, resistance, power, isolation breakdown, diode, ....
ASUS M51T motherboard schematic. Do you have a modern oscilloscope in your lab, my friend? If you have only multimeter on your hands .... than you don't need motherboard schematic .... its will not help you.
please define your interest area first whether communication/vlsi/circuits....
Hello sir I ve a digital multemer on which a measuring option with a sign of sqaure wave is given , what it measures actually & where the terminal is to apply when the knob is det to that option ? please explain about it
Hello sir i want to know that if i have a capacitor from an old radio or any where & its in working condition but lost the value labelled on that due to atmosphere & i ve a simple digital multimeter in which i dont have option to measure capacitance directly then how could i do so ? just to find capacitance value only here . please te
I am from Bangladesh and will go to Malaysia next month. I want to buy Oscilloscope, digital multimeter and some microcontroller there in Kualalampur but don't know where is the parts market situated. :( Please help me by giving address to the parts market where I will be able to buy Oscilloscope, multimeter, Pickit , microcontroller (...)
hello,i am trying to measure a square wave(pwm) with amplitude 3V, so when i try to measure it with a multimeter across my motor,should i watch the next: Vmultimeter=3*sqrt(duty cyle) is it correct? because sometimes i am watching more than 3V on my multimeter across the motor about 3.7V but i think that it shouldn´t be higher than 3V. (...)
Normally the voltage output is less than 0.6 V DC. This facilates in-cicuit resistance measurements because BJT and diodes a (silicon) are not switched on
Your digital multimeter is showing RMS value and on your oscilloscope you r measuring peak to peak voltage. for more detail What is the conversion for rms voltage to peak to peak voltage
I want to know the formula used to calculate the Inrush Current of HID Electronic Ballast. We can measure the inrush current by using Clamp-On meter, digital multimeter and with Power Analyzers, but I want to know the formula used for the measurement of inrush current especially for HID Electronic Ballast.
Please help me with this, this is my first engineering project....
You could use an opamp to add offset to the -3.13v signal . So in your code you'll set 2.5v as 0v , it means OPAMP output to ADC ---- Range readed 2.5v to 5v = 0v to 5v positive range. 2.5v to 0v = 0v to -5v negative range. Review opamp configurations Regards!
Meter check of a transistor : BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTORS Transistors How to Test a Transistor | Go through this link... hope it will hwlp to you..
The 12 V power supply such as Laptop charger or adapter shows around 17.5V in my 2 multimeter(Analog + digital) as well as in our lab oscilloscope where rated 12V. Now i want to connect it with a 12V geared motor. Is any problem to connect it across these adapter.I also tried it using another 12V normal dc motor for 5 problem yet. C
i use pic 16f877a pleas post digilog jr the details
The current that goes into any device comes out too unless you have a current leak of some kind. It is like any voltage source , for example with a battery the current that goes to a device through the plus pole returns to the source from the minus is the same, what goes through the phase returns through the neutral. You have to clamp one
better go for micro controller design, old multi-meters used 7106 but now all are using multimeter and the parts count and the input switches can be reduce, 7106 is good for 3.5digit volt meter but for multimeter you have to add more circuits to it,
I want to build multimeter which can measure V,I,R,C etc.I hope to use PIC,ADC...But i have nt clear idea about how Current is measured ,how maintain autoranges..please give me some ideas,directions to do this project.
Hi.. friends.. I want to measure Voltage, Current and Frequency in 10w, 110V, 700kHz power line..? I need to measure this power line from 50Hz to 700khz frequency variation..
the spec for the multimeter it can measure?
Generally the frequency reading of standard digital multimeters is low. Better is to use a frequency counter.
Hallo Zeller, to the output of them pls :-)... K.