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Do you have a way of monitoring the s11 (reflection) from the antenna or signal detected by a receiver? You do run some quick experiments to see. I am pretty confident you could get away with a quarter wavelength or less.
Water is a lossy medium, so a good s11 number isn't necessarily related to efficient antenna operation. Of course, you should still try to match the transmitter to a given antenna impedance.
With any antenna, gain equals directivity minus loss. Some antennas are resonant and should be tuned for the best matching at a specified frequency (s11 >10 dB). Wideband antennas are considered if their s11 is poorer over the band width. Low s11 means less RF power supplied from a transmitter is radiated, also in a (...)
did you leave some details off? A commercially available VNA is not going to be happy trying to compute s11 on a 1 nS pulse. If I were you, I would use something like an ADF4350 for the transmit/LO source. I would split the power, amplify with a lot of stages to get some isolation, then use a very high speed switch to generate a 1 nS pulse. The
Hello, I am a final year student of BEE Telecom. I chose my Final Year Project to design a Transmitter and receiver for GPR. GPR has already been developed in my institute. It uses VNA as its source. Since VNA is a multipurpose device and the already-implemented project used it to find s11 only, I chose this project to introduce portability
Hi, I have to attach s11 parameters of antenna with my designed LNA and simulate the receiver gain. Can somebody tell that how i can do that in Cadence virtuoso. What kind of component i should use?.
THE s11 of the adl5521 is poor and it shall degrade your sensitivity, i suggest you change your LNA
When we measure s11 by VNA, we generally set the sweeping power to -20~0dBm. I have a question. Does this s11 value we get at sweeping power -10dBm still avaiable when the sweeping power is as low as -80dBm? Actually, I found in my 802.11g receiver design, the optima reveiver sensitivity (input power -78dBm) is not at point where (...)
I tryed to build like patch antenna, but dimensions are big about 4-5 cm. I get s11 about 10-15 dB. But I dont checkit in function, because it was to big for my design.