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Hello Dear All, my question is how*to plot the Log Scaled Value of S-parameters in HFSS. I want to get*the value of s11, s12, s21 and s22 in log scale. I know how to plot normal S-parameters in units of dB, dBm , (real and imaginary parts) etc. But I need the log_scaled_Value. If (...)
Hi everyone I've simulated a coupled line band-pass filted using HFSS 2015. s11, s22, and s21 are reasonable and like my expectation, but s12 is irrationally deformed in passband. See below [url=obraz
In the simulation, I get the following warning for different frequencies: "S parameters are not passive at (value of freq) Hz. Will be regarded as noiseless.No. If s2p is passive, |s11|**2+|s21|**2<=1.0 and |s12|**2+|s22|**2<=1.0 have to be satisfied. How do you get S-parameter for inductor
here all here i am designing current reuse lna in cadence and i got s11 = -24 db and s22 = 26db but s12 = s21 = -44 db what parameter should i change to get proper output at 2.4 Ghz at 0.18um technology
Hi to all; I want to calculate the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) for my 2x2 MIMO antenna. I have Simulated the antenna and got quite satisfactory (90%) results s11,s22, s21 or s12. Now I want to Calculate the ECC in HFSS using the S-Parameters. Is there any way to Calculate ECC in HFSS? How ECC (...)
Hello, i succed to simulate two monopole antenna in hfss but i dont understand the simulation results because i m beginner in hfss: The difference betwen s11, s22; s21 and s12; i would like to visualise the horizontaal Gain so i clik in create far field report ;radiation patern but i (...)
Dear Friends, Can we edit dB values of data values in ADS2011 and can we convert edited dB values into Magnitude and Phase values using ADS2011. I have shown below data windows of dB values of s11, s21, s12, and s22, I need to edit these values dB (...)
Hi, I am simulating a simple coax in hfss with waveports defined at both the ends. When I change the length, all the S parameters have changed. Theoretically, s12 and s21 should be changed by a factor of exp(j*beta*length) and the s11 and s22 should change by factor of (...)
What's your freq and modulation? What's the other requirements? such as s12, harmonics, OIP3, etc? My frequency of operation is 12GHz. I have done DC analysis and obtained Idss = 60mA at Vgs=-1.27V and Vds =2 V. and now m working on S parameters . My target is to increase gain(s21) (...)
Every circuit type of SMPS has a unique input voltage V1(f,t), Z1(f,t) and unique output V2(f,t), Z2(f,t) in s parameters these can either all voltage or current or all impedances where s11 is input and s22 is output for a 2 port device. The forward transfer function is s12 and reverse is (...)
I have the VNA measured results of s11 and s21 (in ASCII format) of the resonator. Can I edit it to form s2p file and use it for ADS simulation of oscillator? Will the absence of s12 and s22 in the file cause any problem? - - - Updated - - - When I tried the error showed (...)
hi every one, I have simulated a microstrip transmission line in hfss 2013. I got also s parameters. But now i hv to calculate voltages from that. e.g: ihv s11, s12, s21 and s22 thn we know s11=v1-/v1+ my qstn is how to find v1+and v1- from the simulation result. (...)
for example if the s11 and s22 is the same along the frequency, what does it mean ? If the s12 suddenly drop and then rise again in a small range of frequency ,what does it mean ? If the s21 suddenly drop and then rise again in a small range of frequency ,what does it mean (...)
Hi, i am doing a simulation in CST and I have s11, s21,s12 and s22 data plots. when I export data as text format it only gives frequency and one s-parameter data column. how can I export all s-parameter data to one text file. Thank you
We found that the vast majority of the literature using scattering matrices in semi-analytical methods (i.e. method of lines, rigorous coupled-wave analysis, eigen-mode expansion, mode matching, etc.) are defining the four terms s11, s12, s21, and s22 incorrectly. It has been convention for many decades (...)
I learn that K=(1-|s11|?-|s22|?+|Δ|?)/(2|s21||s12|)>1 and|Δ|>1 then LNA or PA will be stable. is there any software can simulate and calculate the K? can i use a network analyzer to test a LNA or PA'K factor?or there is other way? thanks for any advice
When 2 antennas are connected to a VNA, s12 and s21 is the isolation between the antennas while s11 is the RL of Ant 1 and s22 is the RL of Ant 2. If both antennas are the same, then I doubt the calibration of the VNA at port 2. Have you done the through calibration ?
Trying to measure the stability of my LNA. I obtained linear magnitude and phase angle data points for s11, s12, s21, s22 across 500MHZ - 18GHz data set attached to post. Using the Rollet's stability formula. k = 1 |s11|? - |s22|? +|Δ|? (...)
Hello Karthik as beginner it sounds as thick as two short planks,but its very easy.there are two parameters that you have to remember. Transmission and reflection parameters(transmission s12 ans s21) reflection(s22 and s11). s12 is the power that is transmitted with (...)
Hello, I would like to know how we can measure the scattering parameters (s11, s21, s22, s12) of CC1190 Texas Instruments RF front end which is integrated on our circuits and we only have one connector: the antenna connector at the output of the CC1190 matching network. We have one connector at the (...)