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S11 can only give reflected pulse shape (by applying fourier transform), For transmitted/received pulse response you need s21 measurement.
Hi everyone, I am currently designing a matching network with DTCs (digitally tunable capacitors) and I am struggling to properly calculate the corresponding s21. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that it is not correct to simulate the matching network s21 in a 50 Ohm environment while the antenna input im
Hi to all; I want to calculate the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) for my 2x2 MIMO antenna. I have Simulated the antenna and got quite satisfactory (90%) results S11,S22, s21 or S12. Now I want to Calculate the ECC in HFSS using the S-Parameters. Is there any way to Calculate ECC in HFSS? How ECC can be plotted (...)
Hello, i succed to simulate two monopole antenna in hfss but i dont understand the simulation results because i m beginner in hfss: The difference betwen S11, S22; s21 and S12; RF books will teach you about S-parameter. Guillermo Gonzalez, "Microwave Transistor Amplifiers, Analysis and Design, 2nd. Ed.", Pr
Does that mean i measure s21 since i use two different terminal/port? no. antenna is single port component. an amplifier and filter is dual port. whatever device (antenna, filter or amplifier) which needs two network analyzer ports to connect is two port and so forth. Did you use the same (...)
thats right ... but without s21 how permittivity and permeability plots can be obtained for metamaterial antenna...... so that negative refractive index can be verified I would test the metamaterial independently of the antenna. What kind of metamaterial are you using?
I understand that you have one model with two antennas, and each antenna is connected to a port. Now you want to simulates the interaction between the two antennas. First you get s21 from the 2-port simulation. Then, instead of creating two additional 1-port EM models (one with (...)
Dear all i want to know how to draw the array factor from s21 paramteters,for example i have an antenna array and simulated it in HFSS and i want to extraxt the s21 and calculate the array factor? can anyone help me thaks in Advance mohamed
This question has been asked before, but really no firm answer has been given from what I have seen in the posts. Question: I need to simulate 2 antennas and measure the s21 between them. Do I excite both antennas or just one considering both are matched? What am I measuring if I excite both and what (...)
Could someone kindly tell me the techniques to improve s21? My antenna uses 2 ports: port1 uses CPW on the top of substrate, port 2 use microstrip line on the bottom of substrate s21 is <-8 dB now, i hope it will <-15 dB and keep the same antenna's operation. Thanks!
1) assign the second port (port 3) to the second terminal of the Rx antenna. Adding a port doesn't mean it is adding an excitation signal. s21 is the power received at port 2 relative to power input at port 1. 2)I'd recommend modal, but I'm not an expert on the issue. I use terminal solutions for differential signals and modal for (...)
It seems to be a problem with VNA measurement setup. 1. VNA impedance calibration and correct delay/port extension must be set for the location where you intend to place the matching component to get desired impedance at this point. 2. Correct matching component should be selected based on real s21 parameters for actual component family, for best r
The software can not tell you s21 of antenna, I guess so. Except you setup a receiving antenna, and test the finally received signal from the receiving antenna. Then comparing your antenna with a known antenna, maybe you can know the s21 of your (...)
If You are focus is on designing Microstrip antenna i suggest that you should use a Software called ADS by agilent this software entirely focused on antenna desingn. You can very well see the S11 s21 S31 in it at you can very easily attach ports to it Just use this software and you don.t need to re design it just transfer (...)
hai all, My transmit& receive antennas are endfire type and separated 1m distance.i wanated to estimate Isolation of two antennas using HFSS.I simply placed two antennas at 1m distance inside the radiation boundary. each antenna have its own waveport excitation.when i plot s21 i am getting (...)
i was drawn the below circuit on ADS for triple resonant frequency, but i dont know it is true or not, because it has triple resonances but in s21 not S11 66448 If you replace port 2 with a resistor, to represent the radiated energy ... ?
Hi There, I have been working on dielectric rod antennas. In order to check the power received by the antenna i used two dielectric antenna at a distance and measured the s21. I am using CST 2010 for the simulation. The s21 response obtained w.r.t. frequency is not smooth curve rather (...)
Dear all, I am working on Differential Fed antenna. For single-end antenna, we use S11 to evaluate the matching. but how to evaluate the matching of Differential Fed antenna which has two ports excited by anti-phase signals? we can measure its S11, s21, s21 and S22. Any reference would (...)
i did a design of a pach MIMO antenna 2*2 at 2.4 and i have a good matching at s11 at 2.4 ghz but the s21=-10db so the coupling level is high and i want to reduce the s21 to -20db . how can i do it any suggestion any help. thank you
dear roommate I think at least you should have the parameters of s21,S12 and S22 then measuring S11, you can find ΓL and the value of mismatch consequently

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