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Hello, I would like to ask if anyone knows how to extract the Noise Parameters from the s2p file in Matlab?
Somehow I remember a setup in an @DS example that allows you to input s2p parameters for a 4 port device and it calculates the s4p parameters. I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where it is? tnx
You probably didn't notice, but ftn appended an example lib component comprised of behavioral controlled sources, defined in frequency domain by a FREQ statement. They are essentially one-to-one conversions of the s2p file and in so far don't involve complicated operations. But the usability of frequency domain models with only a few data po
any one knows , if i can simulate a transistor in cst design and use its s2p file such as what we do in ads
on the program you used to simulate the antenna, there is probably a way for it to also plot s2p files as a circuit element. So measure your antenna, save the data in an .s2p file, go to your simulaton program, and plot both the sim and measured on the same graph.
Here is an example of an s2p file for the Siemens BFP193 transistor. Locate the line '# GHz S MA R 50' The '50' means measurement have been carried out in a 50 ohm system. Which is the most common impedance used in s2p files. ! SIEMENS Small Signal Semiconductors ! BFP193 ! Si NPN RF Bipolar Junction Transistor in SOT143 ! (...)
What filetype do you have? If it is *.s2p file. you can use 2port model in ADS data item.And you should have a correct path with you data file. It you don't have s2p files. you can write a s2p file manually.There is a example in ADS2003/example/tutorial/Advckt .I can not remmember clearily , it is (...)
I am using MW Office (AWR) for plotting anything. Just, export the data in s2p format for example, and plot it. After exporting, AWR has a very pewerful graph tool that I have ever met. You can customize anything. Colors, axis, line weights, legend, limits, etc... I suggest you to use awr. regards, lkuzu