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If you love Python , Ruby and cucumber, these examples are tools of the trade . salaries depend on location. If in Hillsburo Oregon, you would probably need some experience and range from 75k to 150k for Sr. and become an Intel employee. The role is to make QA software test scripts to exercise a mobile app or operating system to see if it crashes
MY first thought is that it is much easier to earn high salaries as a real expert in one field, than as a 'jack of all trades'. I know this from experience. There simply is too much to learn to be really good at it all, and it all changes too frequently to keep up with. Unless you are a high-level genius, and/or have a photographic memory, that is
Hi all, Does anyone have any information about salaries at Si-Vision Egypt ? or any other company working in the electronics and design field ?
I couldn't tell you about starting salaries since it's been a very long time, but I'm sure there are salary guides at any major electronics business magazine's web site. I think analog is a slow growth field, but one where you can develop a specific core expertise and find numerous people who need it. The question is, what focus? I wouldn't worry
I am final year ECE student. I am very much interested in electronics.Can any one tell me which one is better either VLSI or embedded as per salaries..:!: Thank you in advance.
Hello, I wanted to know the starting salaries for graduates in the field of Analog and Mixed signal design in France and Germany. Please help regarding this. Thanks in advance,
I need to know to go for analog or digital design. i think there is huge competition in digital jobs and low salaries.
Hi all, Do anybody have informations concerning that subject ? I wish know how many is paid to : Engineer / Programmer / Technical support at levels : Sr and Jr Thanks in advance ! +++
Silicon valley has the most companies. salaries are high, but so are living expenses. You have to pay more than half a million dollars minimum for any type of housing. Austin Texas has several and the housing costs less.
Hi, As far as I know its around 24K (before tax) for entry level salaries. So it should be more than this considering the experience. Regards,
Hi everyone, Do you know what is the average salary for experienced (more than 7 years) IC design engineer in Austria? I am interrested in net (after taxes) and gross salaries per month. Thank you in advance
Dear all, I will be graduating next year ISA, and I've been confused for a long time about the career path I have to pursue. I'm interested in communication systems' design and have academic interests, that's why I am looking forward to working in a design center. But because Egypt is an outsourcing country, I think that salaries will not be hi
Hi everyone, Do you know what is the average salary for experienced (more than 7 years) IC design engineer in Austria? I am interrested in net (after taxes) and gross salaries per month. Thank you in advance
nowadays there are jobs in market with good salaries for mostly umts 3g guys prepare yourselves for that.let us assist each other in 3g interviews.Friends help out each other and if anyone has any material for sharing please share.i will post some questions soon on
One problem is that schools pay low salaries. They get the people who could not find a job in industry.
Hi All, Could you give me a rough picture of the current salaries for EE work in Slovenia? Analog area, application engineering, for 3-5 years experience candidate. Currently seems to be that Slovenia is rapidly developing in electronical industry. Also gross and net values would be interesting, to be clear about TAX issues. T
what is the best way to apply for a deigner engenieer job in austria? how about salaries in austria for designers? what r qualifications needed? which country in austria do u think is the best and cheapest? how to find the cheapest apartement rent? what do u think the avarage pocket money for living and renting is ?
hi, Any one knows about the job market in Turkey for embedded system design engineers. What are the approximate salaries? ~AM
I am looking for information on engineering and designer salaries in asia. Indian and Phillipine working in Indonesia...
salaries still remain very high in the US entry level position could be $60,000 .A top engineer more than $100,000 .The only problem is the low number of opening positions ..Once in a while you see an openning.But i suspect that there are a lot of applicants .